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Unreal is the definition of FPS

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  • Unreal is the definition of FPS

    Being a long-time PC gamer, I played through the first Unreals and Quakes. In the end, Unreal has proven to be the absolute top name in multiplayer PC FPS gaming, and one of the few legendary PC names in my books (the others being Fallout, Baldur's Gate, Doom, Quake, Warcraft, Starcraft). In each genre I have a game that sets the baseline for other games to match. For example, Starcraft for RTS's. Unreal has time and again bested itself in the FPS genre and I am so happy that it has raised this baseline once more.

    I am absolutely amazed at how smooth the game runs even when looking so gorgeous. When I play other games on my computer like Call of Duty 4 or Bioshock or Crysis, I immediately know that the technical brilliance is actually highest in UT3 for bringing the graphics and performance together.

    The game design itself is also great. All the weapons have a tight feel to them, as if I were actually in the game holding them myself. I feel the balancing of weapons is a bit better than in UT2004 and that the appropriate guns got buffed (biorifle). Vehicles are great as well. Controls are responsive and intuitive, leaving me to just play the game and have fun.

    As a quick side note, I have to say Halo 3 has nothing on UT3. In every category - Graphics, Control Feel, Sound, Level Design - multiplayer is just way more thrilling, involving, and simply fun in UT.

    Epic, you have done it again. Also, thanks for releasing the compilation Unreal Anthology! BEST_PREORDER_BONUS_EVER

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    ut99/ut3 have to be the best multiplayer-fps-games gameplay-wise. that's why we're on these forums


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      Agree. Starcraft is the benchmark RTS. Quake 3 & UT99/3 are the benchmarks for shooters.


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        Originally posted by Koei View Post
        Agree. Starcraft is the benchmark RTS. Quake 3 & UT99/3 are the benchmarks for shooters.
        hey, whoa, i dunno about Quake 3... it was a little umm, dodgy

        nah, it was ok , jks, jks...


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          Unreal is indeed important in gaming history, It had a well composed, mood setting and dynamic soundtrack (still the best in any FPS, challenged only by Doom/II IMO).
          Enemy AI that was more than "walk towards player while shooting" like Q2.
          A very innovative and versatile weapon arsenal that is still largely used in UT3 and never getting old.
          Lovely, varying types of maps with large outdoor environments, nothing like the monotone hallway-crawling that most other contemporary FPS's suffered from.
          And co-op play.

          Unreal <3