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Epic: UT3 Xbox360 timetable??

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    Epic: UT3 Xbox360 timetable??

    Epic can you now give us Xbox 360 owners some idea as to how long we have to wait to get our UT3 on 360? PLEASEEEEEE

    Now that PS3 is about to launch, and has gone gold, can we get a rough estimate as to how long we'll have to wait?

    No dates expected, as we know everyone will stick you guys to that date, just maybe say "six months" or "Three months".


    Originally posted by Mark Rein
    Unreal Tournament 3: Mark Rein Interview

    Kikizo: How long is it going to be, on the PS3 only, before a 360 version appears? The 360 version is announced, right?

    Rein: Yeah, we're doing a 360 version. Right now, the main reason we brought it to PlayStation 3 first is the mods. You know how important mods are to Unreal Tournament, and we love user created content. And remember, our user created content isn't just rearranging materials around on the deck, or the boat. It's making a new boat! It's making a plane, or a car - it's making whatever you want to make. If you look at in-game editors, the best you can usually do is move things around, you know what I mean? That's not modding, that's just reorganising. There's nothing wrong with that, and there's going to be some brilliant reorganisations. But what we can do is real, honestly it's new weapons, new vehicles, new game types, new scripts, new material, I mean anything you want. You can redo animation if you want, just so many cool things - that's what modding is all about and we're in a whole different league. Your sixty bucks that you spent on a game is worth a lot more!

    So we're definitely pushing the boat in terms of user created content. The problem is - or not the problem, the benefit - is that PlayStation 3 is an open network. When we went to Sony and said we want to make this game, and we want it to support mods, they said, well we're an open network, you can do that. And we're like, ha ha, really?! We're going to challenge you on that! Are you really confident? And sure enough, they have stuck with their word, and they have embraced it and supported it. I mean, Jack [Tretton, president of SCEA] even talked about it on stage at E3, which was very kind of him. So they're right behind this idea of real, honest to goodness user created content. And the Xbox 360 is a closed system, so the question is how do you get user created content - not stuff that's gone through a certification process - how do users bring content onto Xbox 360. We don't know the answer to that, and we're too busy right now working on the PS3 version, and the PC versions, to sit down with Microsoft. So when the game is done and it's out - it might end up being Christmas or some time in the New Year - we'll sit down with Microsoft and say OK, how do we do mods on your system, and then we'll have to make the changes to accommodate that. So to be honest, we don't know.
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