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major issue - full release

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    major issue - full release

    a few of us mere mortals are getting flickering mip maps during gameplay it is making the game unplayable and is not always flickering it just starts and stops mainly starts tho =)

    im using latest nvidea drivers as i thought that would solve the problem but didnt - my system is a quad core q66oo running on vista with 4 g ram and a 8800gtx.

    does anyone or epic know of a solution

    my gfx setting are with the normal ini tweaks to get rid of bloom etc

    any answers would be helpfull

    hmm should be in the Trouble shooting section...

    but... you could get your self nHeancer and look there if you can set something to get it right...


      mo dont want to use nhancer - shouldnt have to.

      mod pls move this to trouble shooting section pls for full release

      didnt know we had one


        I got the same, terrain can vanish at times also, and the terrain in avalanche near the prime node ca flicker horribly between 2 versions (before and after avalanche I guess)


          actually mod delete this post - there is a section on this problem in trouble shootin forum