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    Character codes

    I wouldn't be surprised if this thread got removed. Would just have to post it in gameFAQs or something then.

    But there seems to be some codes floating around from thoes who pre-ordered the game. I pre-ordered the game at EB and I didn't get one of these codes or even hear about them till recently. (Live in Canada)

    But I've managed to find a couple of codes. And it would be nice if other could contribute if they have a code that's not already listed.

    Iron Guard Ariel: jihan
    Necris Alanna: phayder

    press f10 for console and type unlockallchars

    theres on more you have to edit the ini for tho


      Originally posted by Slayer X View Post
      Iron Guard Ariel: jiham
      The Gamestop-Exclusive-Iron Guard Ariel-Code is jihan not jiham


        Lol, I had it written right, just not typed correctly. Thanks for the edit.

        If anyone else gets details on how to unlock this supposed "other" character, please post. (probably the final boss)

        Until then it looks like;

        console: unlockallchars

        is the way to go right now.

        Thanks guys. ^^


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            WTF man, no Malcolm. They go through all that effort to madel him for the cinematics and don't make him playable?

            Well the game hasn't been out for very long, so I'll wait a while before I scream BLOODY MURDER!!!