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Vista vs XP performance comparison.

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    Originally posted by AnubanUT2 View Post
    But for folks who want the absolute highest possible fps then yeah XP is for you but again what's the practical difference between 120 fps and 85 fps???
    A reason to diss Microsoft because it makes them feel good inside?

    Frankly I think we'll see the next iteration of Windows be a heavy gamer platform. Vista (near the end of it's development cycle) seemed to switch focus from "badass OS" to "replace XP so we can finally have a secure Operating System".


      Most new mobos will work fine with 4GB or RAM or even more ... it is just the OS the majority of the time that is the issue. If you use a 64 bit OS you can access the memory beyond 4 GB as well as leave the memory adresses in the 3-4 GB area completely out of the equation. Whereas any 32 bit OS will still be restricted to having to map the RAM on the video card to that space (between 3-4 GB memory map area) ... like in my case a full 1GB is already "GONE" ... used by the system for the Video Ram mapping. Vista only see 3.0 GBs.


        Lol anuban, I deleted the post because I'm also bored to death by this thread and wanted to stay away from it.

        I posted something like "how can one diss Microsoft, attacking and defending 2 OS that are made by them, etc...?"

        I see what you mean. But I don't agree with you about the 120 vs 85 fps idea though. Some dudes here work to upgrade or buy new machines ( or study hard to get a rig as a gift, whatever), with at least a Q6600 and 8800gt. They pay high-end money, buy high-end kit, and in exchange deserve high-end performance. If you pay with the sole purpose of being faster, how come it is acceptable to be slower ?


          ^^^ Well I still stand by feelings about 85 vs 120 but I also deleted my post so I wouldn't look stupid. lol


            oh, my...


            For me the handwriting on the wall was when Dell offered XP as an option on their PC's way back in April of 2007:


            to make a relevant analogy, I think we're going to see some spawn killing in Microsoft's base...