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Future UT3 Patches/BonusPacks: Suggestions/Wishes

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    dunno if thsi has been said alreay but it has to be



    i still can't figure what they were smoking when they the decided to take that out

    and as always, slow the manta down, or lower the RoF, or both. its just too much right now and its absolutly out of ballence

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    Another vote for bringing back Onslaught!!

    Originally posted by Insidiae View Post
    Warfare is as good as onslaught really, Its onslaught with more options to it if you ask me.
    No offense, but you're nuts!

    · Everything about "Warfare" feels smaller, cramped, chunky, tacky, and suffereing from consolitis!
    · Where are my 32+ player maps with rolling expanses of terrain?
    · Warfare has somewhat the feel of Battlefield 2's "capture the flag" where it's random running to almost any given node, every man for himself, and someone can sneak through with the ball in UT3 the way a single soldier could play "CTF bingo" in BF2.

    Maybe this would be better with bigger maps, maybe an extra node or three, and spread things out for god's sake so you can't shoot people at 3 different nodes from the same position. It's just... dumb. I find it no longer as fun as UT2004.

    At times, the cramped, chunky maps make me feel like I'm playing something like Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64....

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    DM-Morpheus (nuff said !!!)
    DM-Tokara Forest (nuff said again!)
    DM-Crane (loved this map to death).

    Also I'd like a much more minimal and less intruding HUD... Or at least give us a Alpha-blend option, so we can control the transparency of the HUD. 100% is a total overkill.

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    Here'd be a fun map extension for a bonus pack. The map outside of Deck is probably 95% finished. Use ghost, and it's easy to go through the wall, and then change to walk and move around. Would be great to have a Deck Ultimate version with some open doors to get out there with extra powerups, spawn points, etc.

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    Does anyone know if the following has been fixed?

    -Flickering skins
    -Freezes in Warfare

    Also, I would LOVE to see 4 teams like in UT99. It was very fun! Can't wait for the patches to start coming out along with all that bonus content.

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    Originally posted by [Apoc]Cerberus View Post
    Forgot one, MT. How about the ability to know when a team-mate grapples on to your vehicle. It gets a little embarrassing when you're running around the map in a Raptor, engaging the enemy, not knowing that your buddy with the enemy flag is grappled on to your vihicle.
    Thats already IN GAME

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    Originally posted by Nacher View Post
    We need to have the sexy/aroused female announcer back! Was we're not getting adrenaline from monsterkills etc anymore, then we have to get at least some reward from getting that far in the spree...

    About CTF maps. I still haven't played them, but in case they are all of midhigh to high quality, 6 maps will get us quite far. I don't think any UT (except the total mapcount of UT2k4) has had over 6 good CTF maps from the start. Still, of course we want more maps in a bonuspack. I think the mapcount should be increased from the current 37 (?) to around 50. Especially some good 1on1 maps are needed, and due to their modest size, they should be fast to make. The optimum would be 4-5 new DM maps, 2-3 new CTF maps, 1-2 new vCTF maps and 2-3 new WAR maps.

    "We need to have the sexy/aroused female announcer back!" OMG!!!! I remember now... when she said "Rampage" and "Unstopable"...WOW! yea bring the option to chose anouncer and all that stuff back from ut04

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    I like to see hair on characters, Especially Malakai wtf. bald?

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    Originally posted by MysTikal View Post
    Better demo playback options such as

    -Shown weapon
    -Armor shown
    -Weapons shown
    -Ammo shown

    (we know it's possible since mods in UT2004 did it).

    Other stuff that I would definitely like to see in a patch:

    -More Legible fonts (some are still bad)
    -See who you are killing when you point your mouse over them ingame (ala UT2004)
    -Teammate Health/Armor
    -Option to turn off help arrows
    -Custom Crosshairs + Changable Crosshairs (we know it's possible)
    -C+P in console
    -Pipedweaponswitch availability
    -INI changable 'No Custom Models' character.
    -Ingame Changable names
    -Team-linkable Link Guns!
    -Webadmin for servers (patched in patch#2)
    -Less Cluttery UI (no need to go 5000 screens when you need to change one option)
    -Buddies section in server browser

    Vehicle stuff:
    -Make the Hellbender accelerate faster / more max speed/ bigger or something.
    -Give the Manta 250 Health so it can withstand an AVRiL.

    Wishes that probably wont happen:

    -Invasion gametype + Nali monsters
    -A slider for bloom setting
    -A slider for brightskin brightness
    -Customizable Brightskin colours (or at least better Gold / Green support)
    -Custom Voicepack Support
    -Option for 'Interruptable announcer'
    -An option like UT2004's 'Use random team-coloured skins in DM'
    Forgot one, MT. How about the ability to know when a team-mate grapples on to your vehicle. It gets a little embarrassing when you're running around the map in a Raptor, engaging the enemy, not knowing that your buddy with the enemy flag is grappled on to your vihicle.

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    Originally posted by Lp47PS3 View Post
    A wish i would like to see come true is.... Epic bringing Gears of War 2 to PS3, why not? Epic says they like working on the PS3, and they would maximize profits.

    Why not? Because Microsoft published GEARS, and no way they are going to put the 360s premiere property (pre-Halo 3 at least) out on any NON-Windows or MS based platform in a million years.

    There's a better chance that MS would buy Sony and put it on PS3 first. That aint gonna happen either.

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    Please, camera on the Translocator! And the Ha Ha Ha taunt!

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    Not sure if it's in the full game or not, (but hearing the interface is 100% exactly as the demo I guess so) but I'd like COLORED text in the console, and chats so I can see when someone typed something and which team he is without having to look up the name in the player list
    e.g someone says something while in a firefight, and then when I die or kill the other guy i'd like to know what he said and who it was without having to sort through all the death messages and event messages.

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    I know the premise of Warfare was supposed to be assault+onslaught, like merged into one smooth mix, but it just turned out to be a refined version of onslaught. I never really felt the same with assault, mainly because you do alot of the same objectives in warfare over and over as the 2 teams fight over it.

    So maybe a seperate Assault gametype and warfare just being the new Onslaught.

    Other then that, give us the option to change voices in customization, it's small but it's a good convenience.

    And most importantly, bring back our champions Xan was the figurehead of the original UT, and with UT3's move back to the original(enforcers, impact hammer etc.), I was sorely surprised that Xan wasn't there. Malcolm is cool too, Thunder Crash team has been in every game so far. Was never a fan of Gorge.

    So I understand how in the plotline, it'd be hard to involve all these random teams. Well I get how much time making a plot might take, but it's not that hard to whip up a quick tournament.

    So next to the campaign, there could be a tournament, akin to the ones in previous games, and then you wouldn't even have to explain all the matches and teams.

    And to justify putting a tournament, you could make it that the campaign unlocks standard skins/teams/maps. Whereas the tournament will unlock "boss" skins, eg. Xan/Malcolm etc. when you beat them in a 1v1. I wouldn't mind that all.

    Oh and, with the "boss" skins, please leave them as boss skins and don't get another model and simply retexture it, which seems to be common in many games.

    I'd like a Necris boss too ><

    <3 Necris

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    UT 2003 was not a port of UC. They worked on both of them at the same time and made them different from each other. UT3 is being released the exact same for pc and ps3. Its pretty obvious to anyone that the UI and lack of customization are because of focusing on the console version.

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    I want to get Kensai, the hidden robot head, and the hidden armor parts without editing my ini. UT3 also needs more teams (like Thundercrash or the Juggernauts). Invasion would be great, too!

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