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Future UT3 Patches/BonusPacks: Suggestions/Wishes

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    Does anyone know if the following has been fixed?

    -Flickering skins
    -Freezes in Warfare

    Also, I would LOVE to see 4 teams like in UT99. It was very fun! Can't wait for the patches to start coming out along with all that bonus content.


      Here'd be a fun map extension for a bonus pack. The map outside of Deck is probably 95% finished. Use ghost, and it's easy to go through the wall, and then change to walk and move around. Would be great to have a Deck Ultimate version with some open doors to get out there with extra powerups, spawn points, etc.


        DM-Morpheus (nuff said !!!)
        DM-Tokara Forest (nuff said again!)
        DM-Crane (loved this map to death).

        Also I'd like a much more minimal and less intruding HUD... Or at least give us a Alpha-blend option, so we can control the transparency of the HUD. 100% is a total overkill.


          Another vote for bringing back Onslaught!!

          Originally posted by Insidiae View Post
          Warfare is as good as onslaught really, Its onslaught with more options to it if you ask me.
          No offense, but you're nuts!

          · Everything about "Warfare" feels smaller, cramped, chunky, tacky, and suffereing from consolitis!
          · Where are my 32+ player maps with rolling expanses of terrain?
          · Warfare has somewhat the feel of Battlefield 2's "capture the flag" where it's random running to almost any given node, every man for himself, and someone can sneak through with the ball in UT3 the way a single soldier could play "CTF bingo" in BF2.

          Maybe this would be better with bigger maps, maybe an extra node or three, and spread things out for god's sake so you can't shoot people at 3 different nodes from the same position. It's just... dumb. I find it no longer as fun as UT2004.

          At times, the cramped, chunky maps make me feel like I'm playing something like Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64....


            dunno if thsi has been said alreay but it has to be

            FLAGS IN GROUND VEHICLES!!!!!!!!


            i still can't figure what they were smoking when they the decided to take that out

            and as always, slow the manta down, or lower the RoF, or both. its just too much right now and its absolutly out of ballence