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So why oh why did you take out spectator mode Epic?

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    Originally posted by NakhtiUT3 View Post
    So you are saying I can still set up a bot match and spectate it. Can you tell me exactly what the command would be at the console? Thanks. Still even if this works it is pretty unacceptable.

    Edit: It appears I was wrong about the weapon preview ... that is still there but the bot preview ... even a pic is definitely missing. At least they did put in Weapon Priority and show the weapons still ... that is good.
    The command in the console is:

    open dm-deck?spectatoronly=1 ( I'm just using Deck as an example, you can type in any map you want )

    If you have 7 enemies set in your match settings then you will see 8 bots and if it's TDM, it'll be a 4 vs 4 match.

    But, I agree that this is totally an unfinished product.


      Originally posted by NakhtiUT3 View Post
      All I know is they really showed a lack of concern over the community's feelings by stripping down UT this much. I still can't get over the fact that this version for the PC actually went out the doors of Epic in this shape and I was one of the most vocal people against all this complaining I am now doing but I really see what people were so outraged about. I just really thought, was absolutely positive that was just for the beta ... but man nope this is it.
      LOL, my how opinions change!

      man the game hasnt arrived in nz yet, but by the sounds of it some key things were missed.. its all very well saying they 'might' be fixed in a patch, but alot of the popularity of the game hinges on its initial success..


        I'm looking forward to getting my pre-order delivered tomorrow, but I'm really scratching my head over this sort of thing. It's inexplicable, really. Epic isn't some et-behind-the-ears newcomer to the field. The glaring omissions are really unbelievable.

        I never spectated a live game, but would use spectate to observe the bots playing my own maps, to find flaws in the pathing, and bot behavior. What's up with that?

        It's not as if spectating is an exploit that needed to be removed.