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A couple initial thoughts.

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    A couple initial thoughts.

    Still got the same crappy set of options we did in the beta. basically zero control over video settings outside of two detail sliders. That's incredibly lame.

    Overall the game is nice. Graphics are good, AI can't drive a tank worth a darn though. :-P It's fun and feels like a cross between Quake 3 and UT99... I've yet to play online, but will soon.

    The "campaign" (and I use that world very lightly) is absolutely laughable. Just skip it and do instant action matches or play online. Seriously...trying to simulate a campaign/war by throwing the player into different botmatches is just stupid. Patching it together with nasty cutscenes makes it even worse. The cutscenes are all pre-rendered using the regular game and look like all the textures are on medium quality. Majorly compressed video as well with lots of compression artifacts and overall low video quality. Should have just made them in-game rendered. The "campaign" should have been removed completely or actually been a REAL campaign.

    The camera height almost looks WORSE (higher) in the final product but that very well may be my imagination. I walked up next to othello in a CTF match (he was defending) and all his massiveness looked like a girl skin because I felt so much taller than him. I almost had to look DOWN to see him.

    The translocator is BACK! I love it. Feels the same as the original and it's not next to impossible to telefrag someone anymore.

    I'm sure with time and updates things will be great, but I, as a long time Unreal series follower, have got to say the whole thing has an "unfinished" air to it. I feel like a traitor to a longtime friend saying that, but it's unfortunately how I'm feeling. It's basically unchanged from the beta, save for some slightly higher res textures.

    I don't see how playing with sliders or option menus changes the fact that their just settings, I mean if you really want to play with settings then editing the ini files is still the best option.