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    GFW Live? Are they serious? Have they even SEEN how horrible that has been working in the Gears of War PC version?


      they criticized the bots taking the orb, but i hope they used the bot order command before saying that, which is probably uncertain

      nevertheless, they should realize that on warfare they play as a team, like on multiplayer no one will always be able to carry the orb everytime. and if he can't carry it, he can still cover the bot who carries it, then when it drops, pick it up. i think it's too easy to blame it on "the stupid bots" instead of learning how to deal with it. does that make any sense at all ? :s


        Originally posted by KriLL3.8™ View Post
        Steam is one of the worst pieces of software I've ever come across and it's owned by one of Epic's main rivals, gl getting UT3 on steam.
        and when was the last time you came across it? 2004 when it was released? cause it certainly is not anywhere near the worst piece of software i have seen. i use it daily with zero problems. as for your rivals bs, thats for the playground, not the marketplace, where both companies share the same pool. i doubt anyone at epic or valve view each other as rivals. the only people who do are ignorant fanboys. the author of the review wasnt even talking about steam as a delivery point, but as a server browser, which is lightyears better than what ut3 is shipping with.


          Originally posted by JackSherak View Post
          if the server browser in the demo is anythign to go by then they should go and play play halo with the rest of the kindergarden!

          It is by far the fastest way into a game to date! It cuts out all the **** that seems to have found its way into overcomplicated server browsers since consoles went online and soiled the minds of developers.

          I have Gears and Shadow run and if Epic forced me to go through games for windows live I would have been very very dissapointed! Thank god Microsft did not publish this title! we would have had to pay for 70% of the online features!
          I know...the browser for shadow run on the 360 ****** me off to no end


            it's a good review. picks up on the stuff that can be patched out and overall focuses on the positives.

            how many games rank that high on release?


              This is tragic.

              Most of these problems were pointed out by previwers and beta participees. Even I idneitfied the issue where the bots don't really seem to have a sense of purpose in CTF. Bots housl determine a goal then be ecapble of approahcing it in multiple ways, depending ot he sitation. They should also work as a team. Like one bot should draw the enmies fire while the other gets the flag.

              In Dm, tey are very good.

              Hard to believe tha the servewr browser issue was never adressed.


                What a review like this is suggesting is that behind the minor mistakes there is a brilliant game. To score 89% (the only reasonable review I've seen) while having made crucial, yet easy to fix errors, only shows that UT3 has a load of potential.

                It's not a reason to become disillusioned. A lot of games were incomplete and imperfect when they just came out, but after a couple of patches turned out the be awesome. It's just important now that they don't make the same mistake Id software made by waiting too long with it.

                Most of UT3's imperfections can be fixed. Some of them will be fixed. The ones that will remain won't prevent it from being awesome to play.

                P.S. Yeah, I know that a lot of these issues should have been fixed before release, but that's just not the way it is.


                  I think the game is only about half-done, and we'll probably see a "UT3.1" or something like we did with 2003/2004. It feels like they just made the core of the game, and expect the fans to make the rest in mods. I can't believe they left out the whole adrenaline system, that was great. . Do sign or either version of domination (classic or double), again, I'd bet someone is at least thinking of modding it.
                  Am I correct in that it supports only 16 bots, or am I overlooking something? That's pretty much a showstopper if it is true. . .


                    They didn't really leave out the adrenaline system. You can still get Berserk, Regen (keg o health, more armor), Invisibility, and Jump Boots are a better than speed IMO.

                    The adrenaline though fun was too abused in competitive play. People would just get kills and run and collect it all day staying on Regen, so I'm glad they got rid of it.

                    Speed was great for Bombing Run though. Hopefully whoever making a Bombing Run mod finds some way to implement it.


                      You got adrenaline with points and kills, so doing well gave you more, that means the top guys got to use more adrenaline moves per game than the bottom guys, just made the divide that much bigger.