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The reason there is a story in UT 3!!

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    Originally posted by pdvinenz View Post
    there is a reason for it; the ending obviously, and to the extreme, sets it up for an expansion pack.
    Pfft, you don't need a story to justify an expansion pack, that logic is kind of silly.

    There's a story in UT3 because there's a story in GoW, and GoW sold so well. And a cut-scene-laden campaign is what console players would expect, and they're shooting for the big console bucks. It made zero sense as far as what UT is goes, but I'm sure the money they've been making from GoW is enough to really dazzle ya.

    And maybe they did think they were doing something good for offline players, but I don't think this kind of thing is what offline UT players are looking for. GoW players, on the other hand...?

    I have to say that if the end of the UT3 campaign is the end of the story, then that would be the only good thing about the story. Of course, they're probably shooting for every cliche in the book.

    Ah well, here's to hoping that if Reaper survives the Necris assault, he realizes his mindless rampage for revenge got the last of his family needlessly killed, and that he shaves his head and retires to the Peak monastery to reflect.