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Anyone in the usa get game from a store yet?

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    looks like the release date is when they release it from the factory to send it to stores.


      i think this whole "shipping on the 16th" was simply a mistake. the post he made states the 19th and 22nd for US and Europe respectively. in the interview he said 16th and 22nd. hasn't anyone missed up some numbers before? particularly 6's and 9's.


        Any chance a place like Walmart would also carry the Collector's Edition, or would it be necessary to go to the like of Best Buy?


          A friend of mine works at Game Stop and he told me the 20th too


            Originally posted by wasser View Post
            hasn't anyone missed up some numbers before? particularly 6's and 9's.
            Written? Yes. Spoken? No.

            Regardless, I have too much work to do anyway. I'll pick it up when I pick up my Mass Effect pre-order.


              i called some stores in the area n no ones got it yet. my preorder ship date changed from today to tmrrw... ill haveta go back to real life for a few days, omg!

              ps. someone needs to merge all these didja get the game yet msgs


                Originally posted by dark_elf View Post
                would also like the link to mark rein's post for the shipping on the 19th as well ^^

                My gosh son don't you read the forum here?


                "Unreal Tournament 3 is currently scheduled to ship in North America on November 19th for the PC with a suggested retail price of $49.95 and $59.95 for the collector’s edition"

                - Mark Rein