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Semi- retarded but functioning workaround for offline control issues

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    Semi- retarded but functioning workaround for offline control issues

    I'm seeing a lot of posts from guys who don't want to connect their gaming rig to the net. I love playing online but I don't blame you, Windows PCs are giant virus traps.

    So what to do then? Fortunately there's an old console command that still works: EXEC. Another command we'll be using here is SETBIND. And off we go:

    1. Using your favorite text editor (mine's notepad), create a text file called "binds.txt" (no quotes).

    2. In this file, type out the list of keybindings you'd like to change using the SETBIND command like so:
    setbind Q switchweapon1
    setbind H gba_use
    setbind Y say I am speaking to you [when you press Y you'll say to everyone I am speaking to you -- useless but effective as an example]

    3. Once you've got all your bindings set up that way, save binds.txt to your UT3/binaries directory.

    4. Start up the campaign or a botmatch or whatever you're working on, open the console and type this:
    exec binds.txt

    If your list is really, really long you may get a very short hiccup in the action as the game executes all those SETBIND commands... but the good part is that it will execute them and you'll get your control config back to where you want it. Unfortunately I'm not all that up on the current scheme of keybind commands as things have changed and I haven't taken the time to look into it very much; there are plenty of others here that can help out with that though, it seems. Also

    Is this a clumsy, slapdash solution to an idiotic problem? Yes. Me personally, I wouldn't want to play that way as it's an unwarranted PITA. However, if you've got the game, don't want an internet connection and insist on soldiering on with it, this solution may make things more comfortable for you. GLHF.

    Syntax notes:

    SETBIND command: setbind [key you want to bind] [command to be bound]
    EXEC command exec [name of text file].txt (don't forget the .txt there)

    *edit* Note on use: you will have to run the EXEC command in the console every time you restart the game, but the commands executed should remain in effect until you shut the game down again.

    semi-retarded and half-***** ... completely useful. n1.


      Originally posted by UberBone View Post
      semi-retarded and half-***** ... completely useful. n1.
      Meh... to me having to resort to something like this is like duct- taping parts onto your car's engine. But yeah, it'll "git er done" so to speak.


        You can also edit the Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\Default*.ini files. Use ; to comment out lines. Works for me. I got my binds and resolution fixed, now I just have to set World/Texture detail.

        And for the record... I do have an internet connection, obviously. Epic just didn't give me a My Games\Unreal Tournament 3 folder.