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    A story in UT is nice and I am fine with it it... but when that story makes it so certain favorites "don't fit" then I don't like it, and all it is really doing is taking away from thegame. And I loved UT's over the top characters, but cutting down on them and then not letting us play Malcolm and having no sign of Brock Gorge or Xan... well that just sucks and is a bad move IMHO.


      It would be easyer, if epic could somehow tie up loose ends in the storyline. The storyline is kinda complicated, cause of mixed prequels and sequels.



        (Although Chromatik was largely correct...)
        2k4 AS matches were recreations of past battles noted in the above timeline.
        UT3 takes place following 2k4, during the Tournament off-season when champions are recruited by the larger corporations to lead/consult their security forces.

        UT3 takes place after 2k4, but before UC2. Somewhere between games (not yet explained in detail) Gorge breaks Malcolm's back. Brock attempts to avenge him, but gets killed in the process. Lauren is distraught, kills herself. Brock and Lauren are brought back as Necris on Liandri's dime, and Sapphire becomes a superstar celebrity (trading her old merc look for something a bit more stylish).


          Thx for clea<ring that up.

          Malcolm in a wheelchair......better yet hoverchair.


            New unlock, hoverchair Malcolm with a weapon mount ala the Nali War Cow.


              Originally posted by Entropy View Post
              Brock attempts to avenge him, but gets killed in the process.
              I thought this was the case. I knew he dies and Lauren killed herself as a result but wasn't sure it was Gorge who killed him. Sounds like grounds for an expansion pack eh Jim?


                Thanks Entropy, I was gonna buy the game for the story only.. I wont bother now!.. (Just kidding)

                LOL @ Cuddles, wouldn't it be really funny to see Malcolm in a "hoverchair" with awsome weapons and he wins UT2007


                  Jacob won 2k4?

                  I'm not even sure who he is.

                  I tried googling a pic, but couldn't find any. I thought he was the dude that looks like Malcolm, but with dreadlocks. On that team that looks just like Thundercrash (or is Thundercrash).

                  Can someone post a pic?


                    Yeah Jakob has dreads, he also has a barcode on his face.


                      Aha, yes, of course, the younger, hipper Malcolm for the new generation.

                      *rolls eyes*

                      Thanks for finding the pic.


                        id assume that if Liandri can bring back Lauren and Brock as Necris that some company can fix a spine... but then its up to the devs or whatever to decide if they just wanna kill off malcom, make a miracle cure for his broken back or give him the floating throne of death.

                        hoverwheelchair does sound funny but i dont think he would be as cool


                          Originally posted by Reise View Post
                          New unlock, hoverchair Malcolm with a weapon mount ala the Nali War Cow.
                          Yes I miss my War Cow


                            Originally posted by Reise View Post
                            New unlock, hoverchair Malcolm with a weapon mount ala the Nali War Cow.

                            Come back here Xan!, or I'll bite your bolts off!!! Now where is that Nukem guy, he's still late as ever...


                              I was looking through the other tournament games and noticed a system. The default player seems to be the one that wins the tournaments, according to the timeline. Malcom is the default in 99 and wins that. Gorge was the default for UT2003 (I think) and ended up beating Malcom, right? Jakob was the UT2004 default and he won it. An easy way to find out who is gonna win in future UT games- the default character always does.


                                Originally posted by Franco23 View Post
                                I can't even place 5 Unreal games in a timeline? I want someone to explain this. I have tons of reasons to post this. Let me show you guys only 3 of them:

                                1. You know, in UC2, Lauren and Brock are Necris, and Malcolm is 54. In UT2004, Malcolm looks quite young. But in UT3, Lauren isn't a Necris and Malcolm looks like if he was 60!

                                2. Unreal 2 isn't even a sequel to Unreal and RTNP. There is a vehicle called the raptor and it's a land vehicle. In UT2004 the raptor flies! There is also a vehicle calles the Juggernaut. Juggernauts aren't vehicles, they are gene-boosted Homo Sapiens!

                                3. In UT2004, Sapphire has black hair, glasses, and looks way more like a merecenary. In UC2, she has blond hair like Satin, no glasses like Satin, and she is way more sexy*.

                                I'l say the most stupid of them: In the UC2 website intro for Lauren, it says that her famous championship team is ThunderCrash, but she is only in Malcolm's team for 1 tournament only! (In UT2003) In all other UT games, she is in the Iron Guard team!
                                1. These are sci-fi/fantasy games; face lifts must have been perfected when stuff like gene boosting and cybernetic enhancements are commonplace. In UT3 Lauren isn't Necris, true, but Necris are simply humans that underwent a progress. In other words, you can start out human and end up Necris.

                                2. Madonna is also known as Mary, and she lived a long time ago. She wasn't a singer. Madonna also lives right now, and she is a singer. Real life can't be placed in a timeline either reasoning like the way you just did.

                                3. Hair can be dyed, and the glasses weren't bolted into her skull. Go outside and inhale some of this real life stuff; it's exactly the same out there. :P

                                4. You don't know everything that happens in the periods outside of the games.

                                Originally posted by Chromatik View Post
                                (Here is where the console and PC universes split)
                                I don't see that...

                                Originally posted by amsterdam528 View Post
                                The years are all wrong for UT3. It says Malcom defeated Xan in 2293 or something, but the opening cinematic for UT clearly says it's 2341. Isn't UT3 (somehow) officially set in like 2305?
                                That's the only major issue that I know off.
                                The original UT gives a year, but later games and the official timeline give another.
                                Solution, consider the original UT year incorrect, and all that works out just fine.
                                (UT3 is set in some unknown year as previously mentioned.)

                                Please visit the Liandri Archives for more details if you're interested in that kind of thing.