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Played the retail UT3 game? Please post your positive feedback here!

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    lets show the game more love


      The orbs in warfare is a bit like CTF imo, let someone take an orb to a node and it's lost instantly.


        Originally posted by Ozz_of_war View Post

        im in love with the art part of the game
        i was talking to someone about this today. about graphics and how initially games like crysis and some others have graphics that look alot cleaner than ut3. but the more i look at some in game pics and videos of final game, just about all these ut3 maps look like works of art. my wallpaper is an in game pic of one of the DM maps and you literally can't tell right away by looking at it where the map ends and the backdrop begins. I don't ever remember a game that truly looked like concept art. that's why I laugh at all these people that are mad about the menus and server list. too caught up in technicalities they fail to actually see what this game looks like!!!!!!


          The only "art" in crysis is the suits, and they're not that interesting frankly, the rest is just an attempt to mimic reality, you don't need to be that creative to look at stuff in photos and make the same in a game.

          UT3 does look stunning, and it has very imaginative stuff, the pools of nanoblack looking like too fluid oil but still not quite like it and with protruding waving black lines you really get a feeling of the artist actually trying to imagine what a pool of black nano robots would actually look like.

          The Necrifying tentacles that spring out of the large main tentacles that come out of the sky and go into buildings look awesome, and most people most likely don't realize they actually move, the texture and normal maps are animated so it looks like the entire thing is moving out of it's point of origin and deeper into what ever it's entering, like a structure.

          Both are examples of stunning visual art, I could go on about this for hours but that's 2 good examples of it, UT3 is visually stunning and very imaginative.


            Well I just played it.

            The campaign movies are awesome. The details are sooo good. I only wish the actual game play had that high of detail.

            The game is great so far. Alot of the maps seem small, but you kinda get that feel from the demo too.

            There are a few old school maps that are nearly identical as the past just upgraded textures.

            I only put about 2 hours in so far but It is a must have that is for sure.


              Good to hear some positive stuff... keep it coming if you've got it (and remember this thread is supposed to be for positive feedback only, we all know of the problems in other threads).

              Originally posted by ScottUT View Post
              Sharpfish, get back to mapping. Who said you could leave your room? Xmas is just around the corner
              lol, I'd love to but it's looking a bit tight for THIS xmas (as I won't be getting the game straight away), Maybe next year... hopefully 'T' will have done his DM-24December UT3 version in time to spread some christmas cheer...


                Really like the graphics and gameplay. Character animation is awesome on high world detail and runs full everthing with my 1950xt with only the occasional bit of fps drop.

                The only bad thing I can comment on is the lack of movement options now. Not even dodge jump as such, I don't mind that. But no ramp jumps? It makes me sad...


                  The game is simply "F - Awesome"! There are quite a bit of things I didn't like in the demo, but after I played the game, most of these look much smaller issues when you look at the whole picture.

                  - It is a beautiful game.
                  - The maps are very artistic and somewhat unreal.
                  - The weapons issues are somewhat fixed. Flak is much more accurate and deadly, shock rifle feels somewhat better than the demo too. The sniper feels better too, although with bots I am getting pretty much head shots all the time with it.
                  - WAR game type looks promising, but I can see how it will gravitate around the orbs. It would be good if one can destroy the enemy orb when it is dropped.
                  - Player customizations is a very, very cool feature
                  - The maps are sooo good looking it is almost distracting, sometimes I stop and enjoy the view

                  - There are so many new things, you will be hooked for weeks before you start complaining again

                  Hopefully by then there will be a patch for these anyway.

                  UnrealEd looks awesome too, I can't wait to do some mapping with it - after I enjoy the game enough though...


                    Originally posted by devnulll View Post
                    It would be good if one can destroy the enemy orb when it is dropped.
                    Press use, you get 100hp of damage but it's reset, you can survive if you got more HP or some armor but most times you take one for the team.