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Are settings staying or reseting in the retail?

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    Are settings staying or reseting in the retail?

    I'm not sure why but in the demo, when you changed your settings such as changing your fov to something other than default it would reset on every map change. Has this been fixed in the retail or are the setting still being lost? It seems that this must be because this game must have been a console game originally then ported to PC, because who's going to be typing w/ a controller? Is this game designed for consoles?

    Also, are advanced settings still only the domain of the .ini or have any new setting screens been added to the full game?

    Has epic implemented Anything At All from the demo feedback? If not what was the point of taking it, seems like a lost of wasted effort on epics part. Unless it was only for show...

    I've heard that weapon throwing does not exist, and that weapon stay on is the only way TDM can be played. That seems strange since people have been playing TDM w/ weapon throwing since UT99. It must be a bug, because if not then epic must not have even bothered to look at what TDM setting players from "pro" to casual have been playing with for the last 8 years.

    One last question, is Dr. Sin still working for epic?

    Oh one more question, the "feature"... of registering your name to be able to play, can we use the same demo accounts we registered? Or, and I hope this is so, will we be able to pick new names?

    I ask because someone took my name so I have to use my clan tag in my name, and leave the tag section blank. I'm so glad that this happened, it's a good thing that you can't change your name like every other fps game ever made on the fly, that would just crazy. I mean how do people know who they are playing in those games? I hope epic talks to all the other dev houses and tell them about this really wonderful and convenient feature.


      FOV is still reset on map change/death.

      Video options are identical.

      Yes some stuff, ping sorting and the @ issue on British keyboards (made the console F10 instead of ~ or what ever it used to be, which changes depending on what keyboard you have, in Sweden it's "Ö") Weapon throw is back if the map uses the weapon respawn mutator, which makes weapons respawn a while after being taken.
      Bindings=(Name="SpaceBar", Command="ThrowWeapon")
      in the UTinput.ini, ofc make it they key of your choosing.