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EDITOR: How i can extract sounds?

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  • EDITOR: How i can extract sounds?

    I want extract one of the taunts into WAV file(I'll use it as SMS sound in my mobile )
    I've found it but "export" isn't highlighted.
    How i can extract it?


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    interresting thought ^^
    I'll be following this topic
    I know the soundfiles of the UT (classic) could be converted. Dunno 'bout the taunts.


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      "F-YEAH" when you get a text ^^


      • #4
        That will be neat


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          i have ""INCOMMING!!!" in the Male1 version of UT99 for when i get a call, and "INCOMMING!!" the Skaarj version for when i get a message.
          I also have The Nali warcow "Mooo!!" for when a certain friend calls....


          • #6
            Select "File" from the dropdown menu on the top left of the Generic Browser and then hit "Export" while you have a WAV file selected (not a Cue).


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              I apologize for necroing a two year old thread, but some forums frown upon starting new threads for a new topic when one already exists.

              Anyhow, I would like to use some UT3 sounds on my phone as well, but I can't seem to be able to extract them. I'd like something like "Incoming!" when I get a text, but exporting is not available for any of the files I want.

              I tried the "File > Export" as described by Entropy, but it says that "The requested operation cannot be performed on a cooked package." And I'm pretty sure they're not cue files.

              Is there a way I can get the files I want?


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                You can set your soundcard to record whatever is playing through it in its mixer, and record into some free software, such as Reaper. It's not ideal, but it'll more or less lead to the same result.