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Server browser: How do I ...?

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    Server browser: How do I ...?

    I often play with friends online, both on my private and on public servers.

    In UT2004, I went to, told my friend my IP address, he used right mouse in server browser, "Open IP", and we were playing.

    How can I open an IP in the new server browser? Do I need to start a game to get to the console?

    Further, when I play on a public server, and I want to invite a friend, how do I find out the IP address of the server to let him join? (If the server doesn't have an unique name)

    in console type open blabla?

    Or what do you mean?


      Hard to say. Thus far, the only way I've seen to connect to a certain server is by opening a new game and type "open <ip-address>" in the console.

      How to find out the server's IP-address...well, there's probably a better way, but thus far, all I know is getting that mIRC script floating around on this forum, install it and use that instead of the ingame browser.
      Too bad that you can't join the game directly from the IRC window there.
      Or that mIRC isn't freeware (I'm using the trial version right now).

      I still haven't been able to play even a single match with my clan, though. Or anyone else I know, as neither Titan nor my clan admin can figure out how to correctly set up a server for this game. :-\

      I hope you have better luck than me, man.

      (oh, and you can get your own IP-address as well if you go to start - run - "cmd" and type "ipconfig" at the prompt)