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WEAPON TOSS IN UT99/2k3/2k4 but not UT3?

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    Originally posted by Malakai View Post
    ^Hey, did you forget about VCTF, you moron?
    No, because you generally don't hold onto the flag long enough to give a **** about dropping it.


      Originally posted by Hedge-o-Matic View Post
      I never really got into TDM, and never play with weapon stay on, so I never used weapon throwing. But I can see where it might be useful. I assume that means we can't throw the flag, either?

      Having no weapon stay options would be bad, and friendly fire, and translocator options. I hope the full game will allow us to not use the translocator, which I traditionally hate.
      In competitive tdm, WS off and Weapon Throw basically open up another entire level of tactics. This leads to what is known as 'map lockdown' and basically is an integral part to how TDM matches are played competitively since forever. Which is why this is so strikingly odd at this point. It has been optional via server settings in the past. Why they chose to now make it a mutator and to release with no weapon throw capability is odd.

      However, WS off is a mutator. This is confirmed.


        Originally posted by River View Post
        Hey, captain useless, use the xloc to drop the flag... as it has ALWAYS been.
        Or Feign.