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Very important question for people who have the full game...

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    I hope this holds true for the US release, having only a cd-key is perfect. I really don't want to scratch my original disc and no matter how careful you are it can still get scratches.


      Great news if true and immediate redemption points to epic if it doesn't even need the DVD in out of the gates (rather than in a later patch). PC gamers should start rewarding the companies that go easy with DRM to send out the message that the bad DRM isn't acceptable for much longer.

      Ok.. so one fear off my checklist, seen some very nice screens of maps too so all I need now is the FOV for widescreen sorting out and the MOUSE to be 100% accurate and I'm up for a buy


        I just tried out the German version and can confirm it does not contain any Draconian copy protection (as far as I can tell!). I just installed and played without any problems and hassels. You don't even need the DVD in the drive.

        Epic and Midway: Thank you, thank you, thank you for not hurting your customers.
        When the game comes out (normal version) I will buy it immediately.