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Epic is there gonna be a patch?

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    Originally posted by WarTourist View Post
    You still can, you just don't need the argument ("ut3").
    Woot. Thx WT!


      it just felt wrong.. no reason for them to take that out


        hope so ...


          so many great points that I agree with

          Originally posted by PNGO View Post
          Is there gonna be a patch for all the things that you guys didn't fix in the game?
          Like favorite server option, see who is in a server before joining, etc?
          I'd say no,but I do not work there.Epic doesn't release a game until it's done though.What u see is what u get.It's done.Strangely though it is pretty close to the beta demo from what the retail owners are saying.

          Originally posted by sure View Post
          Some feedback from Epic would be nice.
          That horse has decomposed some time ago man.

          Originally posted by HellFox View Post
          i think they are think ashamed of all the dissapointment regarding what we know about the final game
          you can see there seem to be abosolutly no replies from the epic guy in this forums in the past 2 days
          They should but they probably do not because the only way a game is determined a success for many companies now is dollars only.Who cares if no one plays it for long,or people rant on their forums,or give it bad reviews.

          Originally posted by writhed View Post
          I don't think I could sum Epic's interaction with the community any better than this (taken from ProU):

          It's rather profound, if you think about it.
          Not all game devs are like this just for the record.

          Originally posted by Folk View Post
          Heh. Yeah, it's Epic. The company that needs three of four patches several months after release of a game before the game works like it should have worked on day one.

          Yeah, we'll get the patches. Of course by then everyone will have moved on and no one will give a sh*t.
          I agree.The game should be pretty much polished upon release.Patches should be for unforeseen bugs,bonus content,and to improve compatibility and/or performance.If you are updated and run decent hardware and the still runs like a beta how can u help but not to feel ripped off for the next 3 to 6 months or more.

          Originally posted by X-Cannon View Post

          I used to be a hardcore Epic fanboy. These past couple of months have really made me think twice. There seems to be a certain arrogance towards their community. At least, to me, that's the way it feels.

          Granted the demo was beta, but between that and GOW PC problems I have little faith in them anymore. At least on the PC side of things.
          I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last PC game Epic ever makes.
          It is they who have moved to the Dark Side.I agree with all of your points entirely.

          Originally posted by Boogie4prez View Post
          a game is made by their communities... if the producers want to make more money, use live-ingame advertisements, don't create a game for consoles that also runs on a pc
          so... will there be patches? > sure
          will the current issues be fixed? > dunno... but will influence my buy/dont buy decission
          Your decision to pass or wait to buy this game is worth ten fold what 10,000 of your forum comments is worth.If you're not happy with what you have seen or read.Close your wallets,bite down,and be patient.

          Originally posted by ~{ISC}~Jigen View Post
          No way. They had the Beta Demo to act like that, no need to put on the market a product like this. And forgot to get a patch soon. They have made a BIG BIG BIG BIG mistake with UT3. CONSOLE SUPPORT. Noone will play UT3 as much as a PC owner. UT is not for console, they should have seen that with Unreal Tournament for PS2 and Unreal Championship 1/2. Their aim this time was not to produce a great game to sell a lot and make communities and players happy. Their goal at this round was to gain as much money as possible, trying to beat Crysis on the day one. Honestly, if things will stay this way for more than a month, I will buy Crysis for sure over UT3. Or I will return back playing UT99.
          Quoted For The Truth.

          Originally posted by PNGO View Post
          What we are saying is why this Ut which is supposed to be next generation instead of ADDING more stuff they just TOOK OFF aloot of important things.
          Simple and easy is better apparently.

          Originally posted by UnrealGrrl View Post
          lol - yeah ive been thinking that... and so this winey lil ***** is going into wait-and-see mode. but its just disappointing to see that apparently not much was done from "beta demo" to full release... since Epic is not known to release stuff "till its done".

          that said, we know theres going to be lotsa great bonus packs etc. just hope its not too late for the pc version of the game - but dont have a good feeling about this since it seems like the game was forced to release before it was done for the holiday sale season. alot of us were really hoping for the rebirth of UT (specially online) and if stuff like the browser broken out of the box, the game is over before it gets a chance to start.
          I wish Epic knew and believed that.

          Originally posted by Obi_Kwiet View Post
          I'm not buying the game until they f8ix some of the more important stuff. There are so many other AAA titles coming out this month that I can easily wait several months.
          I'm with ya,but I am thinking that day will be more like 6 months or may never come.Having trouble remaining optimistic in case u haven't noticed.

          Originally posted by UndeadRoadkill View Post
          They did enter a business arrangement with an organization they, themselves, referred to as "corporate community killers." Maybe they believe they've tapped into something that will yield more profit for them than "community" will.
          Nailed it.PC users are our bread and butter? ORLY?

          Originally posted by 3leggedFreak View Post
          Yep. It annoys me that they had set up a feed back forum, the community returns tons of valuable pointers and then they seem to totally disregard it. The number one complaint was on the user unfriendly GUI. Instead of taking care of the HMI, making a simple cognitive walkthrough and then inform the fans that "hey ty for the heads up we will have it fixed at launch or just after in a patch", mr Rein himself proclaim that they have made the UI easier to navigate. Without doing anything about the issues apparently. Even the most basic problems like the FOV issue is not fixed. Still not a word about it. Not to mention eye height issues etc. What is sad is that even the hard core fanboys (and girls) seems to be quite put off by the lack of reassuring info from the devs. When I look at the awesome work all the artists have put down in the game, all the asskicking content and the awesome tools we get to make this the game of the century it hurts to think that the whole thing will be handicapped just because that game was released before it was done.

          I lost 2k4 in a disc crash over a year ago and haven't touched a game ever since. Then, in a sudden strike of UT fever, I geared up with a rig with one single purpose; to play UT3. Really hope it wasn't the dumbest thing I've done since the time I bought a Rolex in Taiwan. ^^

          Hope that when the game is installed I will laugh at our pitiful worries and that the game will knock me off the chair.
          Feedback forum seemed to be for compatibility issues in my personal opinion.The less variety of pc's it will run on is lost money.It was not for the community to voice concerns,opinions,ideas,and overall critique the game in hopes a change may occur if everyone spoke often enough.

          Can u imagine if the beat demo feedback forum only had a one sticky labeled "Compatibility Issues Only"?We mighta caught on.

          Last year I was totally psyched about this game.Now I find myself not caring too much because UT3 may never be anything that I can enjoy like previous UT's unless someone other than Epic does something with it.


            Originally posted by WarTourist View Post
            You still can, you just don't need the argument ("ut3").
            How does this work?
            In last UT's it was possible to make a link out of it, just double click the link and your UT would start and you would join the server. Is that still possible?