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    Custom Skin for PreOrder?


    I bought UT3 at Amazon at 9. November - In some news I read that German people who preorder that game, get 2 new Characters (Ariel and Alanna). How can I get these Charachters now?? Or rather can I get my Key to get these 2 Characters?

    Sincerely Yours


    someone an idea?


      Well, I read two things so far... some people got a special "card" with a picture of the character and a key to unlock it, others said they'd get an e-mail from the company they bought the game from that'd contain the key.

      But I've no clue how it's being handled in your particular case. You might want to contact Amazon.


        Ok, so this is what I heard:
        The German Customers, who preordered the Game get an exclusive character, which is meant as an excuse for cutting the game in Germany(Germans can't shoot dead bodies, which makes the pretend Death-Function pretty useless, as dead bodies, will (so i think) vanish after a short time, the ragdoll physics were turned off too, so was the possibility to splatter bodies). Unfortunately they decided to go for the 16+ Rating in Germany, instead of the 18+ which would've been the better decision imho.

        To summarize: Germans get heavily reduced gore(they also loose the cool english taunts, instead they will have boring german taunts, which will sound totally stupid, take "Heilige Scheisse"[instead of Holy ****] as an example, and imagine it being said by some guy who sounds like having his mouth full of bubblegum), in exchange for one or two special characters.

        Hopefully, there will be a way to get the american/english taunts back(e.g. epic decides to make a patch that includes the fully english menu strings, and english taunts, including full gore *nudge nudge*)

        UPDATE: According to LordLuzifer, there will be ragdoll physics(but will they be on dead bodies too?) and dead bodies will stay


          At Amazon you will get an email soon (at least you should), thats what they say.
          And i dont think feign death is really useless for german players since a) bodies do not disappear and b) there are ragdoll physics! Only change is that you cant splatter bodies all overthe map (and the german voices sound not very good and the translation went little bit wrong, but thats something else)
          And c) i think i saw a bot feign death so i think this works for bots now too but not sure).