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Copy-pasting in UnrealEd (suggestion)

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    Copy-pasting in UnrealEd (suggestion)

    Please make copy-pasting in new Editor easier. Look how it made in Valve Hammer Editor: you just press shift+left mouse key and drag object. Its copied.
    In UEd you should CTRL-C, CRLR-V and it shifts by three dimersions. What if you need copy and paste players lights, for example. You should readjust them by X, Y and Z axis while you need only change by Y axis.
    Maybe add some key combination Like, ctrl-shift+left mouse (if not occupied by other function yet)key then drag object to copy it, without changing coordinates) Of course there may be other combination, that fits better.

    That would create copies of objects much easier.

    No, you press Crtl-W once, and it shifts horizontally by a single grid-unit.

    This is important because if it didn't, you'd never be able to tell whether or not you had duplicated something, because each item would stack on top of the previous one.

    The only reason you might want to use copy/paste is for pasting things from one map file to another, but that isn't what you're talking about.