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Changes between Beta Demo and Full Release? Post question - Get answer!

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    Changes between Beta Demo and Full Release? Post question - Get answer!

    Hello all.

    Looks like Epic is not going to release list of changes what they made between beta demo and full release so I think we could make the list for ourselves.

    Game hits to german market next monday (12/11/2007) and would be nice if some german guys could give some answers for the questions we ask here.


    These are questions and answers which Taboen was able to collect before they closed and deleted his threads:

    Answered questions:

    Q: Can you see the names of the players in a server?
    A: No

    Q: Did they fix the eye-height problem?
    A: No they did not.

    Q: Can you change your nickname?
    A: No you cannot.

    Q: Do server admins have web-admin?
    A: No they don't.

    Q: Did they fix the order by ping?
    A: Yes they did.

    Q: Did they fix wrong spawntime of items due to delayed map start?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Can you login with your beta demo account?
    A: Yes you can.

    Q: Is it me or can you look through teleporters?
    A: Yes! Sorry for the misunderstanding I was misinformed, you can look through teleporters, LIVE.

    Q: List of maps?
    Short video of DM-Diesel:
    Short video of WAR-Torlan:
    Short video of CTF-Hydro:
    Videos of DM-Deck, DM-Sentinel and CTF-Coret:

    Q: Does the score-board show ping?
    A: Nope

    Q: Can you edit each weapons crosshair like in ut2k4?
    A: Nope

    Q: Can you telefrag someone?
    A: Yes

    Q: Changed weapon switch times?
    A: No.

    Q: Can you set the fov higher than 100?
    A: yes to 120 but it´s same like the BETA, after every kill you have to set it new.

    Q: Can you copypaste to console?
    A: Console is on F10 from the start now, all you have to do is change "ConsoleKey" from F10 to "TILDE" to get it back to Ö on German keyboard.
    But there is NO copy paste.

    Q: Shock Combo damage is reduced?
    A: Shock Combo damage IS NOT reduced. It is the same as in demo.

    Q: Does the "preferences" command work in the console?
    A: Command "preferences" does not work. Command name changed?

    Q: Did they change head hitbox size?
    A from ctan: Headshot hitbox has been reduced. I've been testing a bit, and i found that headies are made by hitting right in the lower part of the head. So... no more "i shoot one mm over the head and then HS".

    Q: Can you set weapon priorities?
    A: Yes.
    There is no impact hammer on the list.

    Q: What about weapon stay?
    A: Weapon stay on/off is a mutator.

    Q: Can you boost your team mates in in IG
    A: Yes. You can finally boost your team mates with ig in CTF/TDM

    Q: There is translocator in ICT?
    A: You have to have No Translocator mutator on with the IG or else you have TL in ICTF.

    Q: There are color beams in Instagib?
    A: IG has color beams (in CTF/TDM).

    Q: There are new powerups?
    A: Atleast one of the maps (DM-Fearless) you can find Invulnerable powerup.

    Q: Is there auto demorec?
    A: Maybe. Demorec button?

    Q: Do you need to insert the dvd in order to play?
    A: No that's not needed! Only to install and maybe the first time to play.

    Q: Can you join to server as a spectator?
    A: Only through the console (open ip?password=xxxx?spectatoronly=1/)

    Q: What kind of copy protection does the disc use?
    A: None.

    Q: Are there any new vehicles?
    A: No.

    Q: Did they decrease the damage rate of Stinger since it was too overpowered in beta?
    A: None or very little.

    Q: Will there be voice choices for each announcement type?
    A: No.

    Q: Is the fps-related mouse sensitivity fixed?
    A: Yes!

    Q: Is there a notable difference in graphic quality over the demo?
    A: YES. It looks a LOT better. I'm not sure why Epic released what they did, many of the final maps are really high quality and blow the demo maps away.
    G-Mein: Full version has an overall lower FPS than the beta demo.

    Q: Is the blur in Shangri'La reduced?
    A: No.

    Q: Did the helbender get its charge back?
    A: It's the same as in the demo and in the demo it ALSO has charge.

    Q: What are the bot-settings like in the final release ?
    Do we get to change both their looks (skins, models, voices, etc) and statistics (accuracy, favourite weapon, etc.) like we did in UT'99 ?
    A: No. Bot-setting are same as in beta demo.

    Q: Did they make any improvements to Goliath?
    A: There is 1st person view now.

    Q: Did they change the way the awards are announced? (Basically, is the interruption back? Or do you still have to wait 5 minutes before all "Double Kill, Multi Kill, Mega Kill, Ultra Kill, Killing Spree, Monster Kill, HeadShot, Ludicrious Kill" etc... get announced?
    A: Awards are announced in the same way as they were in beta demo. So the interruption is not back.

    Q: Does the instagib mutator supports zoom instagib?
    A: No zoom instagib confirmed.

    A: How do you bind keys in game?
    Q: Command is: setbind [key] [command] (set input is now setbind key command).

    Q: Can you throw weapons? UPDATED! - How to do it!
    A: There is no throw weapon button in configure controls menu.
    Weaponthrowing is available through ini-editing IF the mutator Weapon-Respawn is loaded.
    All you have to do, is modify the
    [Engine.PlayerInput] section of the UTInput.ini by adding a last line with your binding:
    Bindings=(Name="Name of the Key, e.g. Spacebar", Command="ThrowWeapon")

    for example to bind the function to SpaceBar:
    Bindings=(Name="SpaceBar", Command="ThrowWeapon")

    All thanks go to [om`gam] and his Your Guide to ThrowWeapon

    Command throwweapon and setbind [key] throwweapon also work in servers where Weapon-Respawn mutator is running.

    Q: How do you set friendly fire on/off?
    A: Friendly fire is a mutator. The "FriendlyFire" is fixed to 50% and is not configurable.

    Q: Can you set piped switch weapon binds?
    A: The Weaponswitches are bound by aliases, e.g. GBA_Switchweapon6, so if you want to modify to multi-weapon-selection,
    you'd better edit the GBA_Alias instead of the binding of the key, for example

    Bindings=(Name="GBA_Switchweapon6", Command="Switchweapon 5 | Switchweapon 6")

    to select either Linkgun or Minigun. Please note: the last mentioned weapon that is available is taken,
    so if the line reads "Switchweapon 1 | Switchweapon 2 | Switchweapon 3 | Switchweapon 4 | Switchweapon 5"
    and you have all weapons, then you'll end up with linkgun after pressing the key.
    It would be worth clarifying, in the first post, that piped weaponswitching is not currently possible. om`gam's tip tells you how to set up multiple weapons on one key, but in UT3 you will always and only get the highest-priority weapon; you cannot switch back and forth between all the weapons on that key. This is crucially different from piped switching in UT2k4 or earlier, and far less useful.
    All thanks go to [om`gam] again.

    Q: Is it true that you can't take super weapons (Redemeer) out of the game without removing shields and amp and other super pickups?
    A from [om`gam]: Even more incomprehensible is the NoSuperPickups mutator: you can either remove ALL superpickups or NO superpickups, meaning that if you don't want Redeemer inside the game, shield, amp, invis, berzerk, keg and everything that is SuperPickup for Epic will be out, too. That's really, really uncomfortable and I see a lot of rules stating "using redeemer isn't allowed" coming up.

    Solution from wallen: There is a workaround about the NoSuperPickups mutator. You can use the WeaponReplacement mutator which allows you to replace any weapon in the map with something else: you can then replace the redeemer only with - for example - an impact hammer just with the aim to remove it from the map itself.

    Q: Is there 1st person view in demo watching?
    A from [om`gam]:The Demo-Watching pretty much suxx balls at it is only 3rd person. You can still use "behindview 0" but the effect is pretty weird: if you're looking in one direction, e.g. "north" then your view is fixed to that direction regardless of the movementdirection of the character (feels like steering a tank in battlefield, the direction of the cannon does not change with the direction of the chassis) and if the movement direction matches the direction of your view, you have a weapon in sight that hovers in midair as no arms are shown.

    Q: Can manta still crush people when they crouch?
    A: Yes. They didn't do any changes to Manta.

    Q: Did they increase the sound of the driving manta, to hear it coming?
    A: No. They didn't do any changes to Manta.

    Q: Does the Translocator-Disc now have a "beep"-sound?
    A: Yes. Translocator-Disc has a flying sound. It doesn't keep any sound when it is on the ground.

    Q: Does vehicles / teammates show on minimap?
    A: No. (Except Leviathan which you can see on minimap.)

    Q: How do I save my progress in the Single Player Campaign.
    A: You need to create and login into a UT3 profile in order for your campaign game to be saved.

    Q: Is there wide screen support?
    A from Sharpfish: Reports say it's exactly as in the demo.. no proper widescreen FOV (doesn't change when you change aspect ratios nor is it selectable in the menus).

    you can still type it in the console (FOV 100) but it still resets each time you die.
    You can bind it to a key ('W') so that it's always set once you move forward but how clunky is that?
    Seems no dev that uses UE3 takes widescreen users seriously...

    to put it in perspective and sum it up, if you play on a widescreen you will be missing vertical axis view top and bottom (compared to the 'real' 4:3 view) and thus at a disadvantage. Horizontal is no big deal it's all about vertical in UT3 and is more important than the small amount we gain on the sides compared to 4:3. On top of that it feels too low which can cause problems with people who feel sick esp in a fast moving/roller coaster game like UT. Also your gun will appear to float at times because you will hardly see the hand/arm holding it (unconfirmed by myself, not played full version but that's what I read).

    Q: Did they change the menu/ server browser compared to beta demo?
    A: No they did not. It is exactly the same as it was in the ut3 beta demo, you can see it at the screenshots.
    EPIC RESPONSES: We're aware that the UI isn't perfect. We're working on numerous improvements and additions to the user interface that will be made available in future updates to UT3.

    Q: Did they modify Sniper Rifle?
    A: Sniper Rifle's rate of fire is faster.

    Q: How do you unlock characters in campaign?
    A: Beating the game with different difficulty levels do not unlock new characters, defeating them in the campaign does. "Boss battles" are optional, but must be compelted to unlock those characters, along with various other upgrades, cards, etc.

    There are also bonus characters Ariel and Alanna. One way to unlock them is to enter the unlock code.
    You can get the code by buying the the game (pre-order) from certain store.

    Info and screenshots about unlockable characters:

    No Xan or Malcom. (Unless there is some other way of unlocking chars than the INI files).

    Hard way to unlock characters:
    My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config
    open the UTCustomChar.INI
    scroll down and u will see
    and scroll to the right for each one till you see were it say
    bLocked="true change it to false and there u go
    It also unlocks the Necris models

    Easy way to unlock all characters:
    Type 'unlockallchars' in the console to unlock everything.

    Q: There is no camera on the translocator?
    A: No camera.

    Q: Will there be more then one announcer in the full version?
    A: No. Theres only one, same as in the demo.

    Q: Can you confirm that the Target Painter or Ion Cannon is in the game or not?
    A: No for both.

    Q: Did they fix mouse5 button?
    A: Yes. Mouse 4 and mouse 5 works separately now in the full release.
    It is called thumbmousebutton and thumbmousebutton2 in ur UTinput.ini

    Q: Can you change the view distance in a vehicle?
    A from KriLL3.8™: I've asked the germanz and they all agree, can't change view in any vehicle, unless there is some bind they don't know about, you can zoom in some ofc but that's not really the same, and is most likely what caused the confusion in the first place.

    Q: When holding the enermy flag, does the blue/red glow on the player and the first person weapon to indicate you have the flag? It does for the orb but what about flags?
    A: There is red/blue glow which you can see on the ground next to you. Check the video to undersand what I mean:

    Q: Has Flak Cannon's arc changed?
    A: Some says no, some says yes. After wathing some videos I would say yes.

    Q: Is there "OnRelease" command?
    A: YES, there is some onrelease command in input.ini already.

    Q: Has Rocket Lock-on time been decreased?
    A: Yes. It is little bit faster.

    Q: Does UT3 have voice chat like in UT2k4?
    A: Yes, it's like the demo, 'transmit voice' under key config (so i guess there no team chat/public chat type of deal. 1 channel for all? need more info to confirm this)

    Q: Will Malcom and Xan be unlockable? How can I unlock them?
    A: NO, unless it's not in the ini.

    Q: Did they fix the lighting on the Flag when the round ends? Notice that the actual flag pole shadow moves with the "simulated flag wind".... why would the pole shadow move?
    A from KewlAzMe: I've been playing the campaign and I see they did fix this. I assume it is fixed in multiplayer too.


    Still need an answer to the following questions:

    Q: Did they fix the lighting on the Flag when the round ends? Notice that the actual flag pole shadow moves with the "simulated flag wind".... why would the pole shadow move?

    Q: How do you disable white arrows in CTF?

    Q: Is SLI properly supported?

    Q: Does the alarm from your base still sound when the other team's flag is taken? (It should only sound at the base where the flag is taken from am I right?)

    Q: Does the full game have a statistics screen similar to F3 (by default) in UT2004?

    Q: Are the teamskins more visible in DM/Close range with higher levels of post processing?

    Q: Does the flags part work in the server browser?

    Q: Any info on anti-cheat?

    has there been ANY sign, even a vague clue that they have changed the menu or not?


      Originally posted by Dr.Crazyhead View Post
      has there been ANY sign, even a vague clue that they have changed the menu or not?
      they said they would revamp it, so quite sure its changed


        The big one (for me at least ) :
        what are the bot-settings like in the final release ?
        do we get to change both their looks (skins, models, voices, etc) and statistics (accuracy, favourite weapon, etc.) like we did in UT'99 ?

        Or do I get to start a poll for the new name of my Botmanager/Boteditor ?
        (I've got a feeling I need one anyway as the syntax for characters looks like it is too complicated for non-coders)


          Originally posted by Xuho View Post
          they said they would revamp it, so quite sure its changed
          Where did you see this? All they said was "we know the server browser is a problem." That leads me believe they might have fixed the ping sorting issue and other minor things, but I seriously doubt any sort of overhaul occured.

          The real question is this: does Epic actually believe their community is "wrong" despite it being nearly unanimously agreed on stuff like the UI or the player height issue? But who are we to question Epic... they made Gears of War so they have to be right on everything. Right?



            Please tell, Any new vehicles, epic keep any secret? or have we seen them all?


              Yes, we're all putting our hope to the germans to give us answers and to post intelligent feeedback on full version to Epic so they can start working on a patch that'll hopefully get released before the 23rd when we're supposed to have the game in Sweden.


                :lol: a patch in 4 days ? You really don't know about software-development, do you ?


                  thought the german version was released the 12th? That german guy who wrote some articles and played the game at Midway said so if I'm not mistaken...


                    Originally posted by BozoB View Post
                    thought the german version was released the 12th? That german guy who wrote some articles and played the game at Midway said so if I'm not mistaken...
                    yes its the 12th in Germany.


                      No the menu wasn't changed. I was talking to a few guys that had played the full UT3 at the UK release party on IRC last night. The menu had no obvious changes to speak of. They also seemed to believe that the minigun primary had been nerfed slightly, but still not enough.


                        I'm taking a leave of absence from the forum (consider it a sabbatical) so I don't see any spoilers, etc. Which will mean I'm gone for a good 18 days... blame the Germans


                          @ JaFO:

                          23 - 12 = 11
                          11 days.


                            @ JaFO:
                            23 - 12 = 11
                            11 days.
                            23-19 = 4.

                            Its getting released on the 19th in most places.


                              Yea, but i was talking about Sweden.. I asked in stores and they all say 23rd in my town so...

                              Really not that important.. Was more intended as a boring joke but I adtually thought JoFA's message and conclusions were a bit arrogant...

                              and also, 4 day patches have been knownb to happen so...