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    FOV and Mouse issues were my primary concern. FOV is workable (with a keybind on W) but not ideal, as for mouse on the demo I had it tuned nicely and with my 8800gtx my frames were always high.. at times however I felt that mouse problem and it was terrible (like Bioshock but worse because we need fast accuracy).


      Really nice thread btw, but i feel they really need to fix somethings, i hope they do it soon with a patch


        Thanks Mr.Anaderson


          I am kind of disappointed, are they really going to leave the browser so you can't even see who is playing in the server and what score they have?

          What is this?

          I mean ut2k4 had this ability, not to mention a better ui I hope it is just one of those things they will fix with a patch and that they just could not get working in time for the release.

          Also, I was wondering has anyone figured out how to quit a server and not have to refresh the server browser?

          They had this ability in ut2k4 as well, saves on time and on bandwidth for the master server.

          Maybe you can do it in the demo and I just don't know about it?

          Good to hear they fixed the mouse sense issue.


            Q: Can you change your nickname?
            A: No you cannot.
            lol of course u can.
            do it via gamespy

            i cant believe what people are complaining here. the game is stable and quite bugfree. (in comparison to other games ) i hadnt any problems yet.

            the graphics are state of the art + an awesome performance. it runs totally smooth with highest settings! (AMD 4600+ ATI x1900XTX 2GB Ram WinXP )

            the gameplay IS UT. everybody who played any UT game before and liked it, will love this one too!

            some minor issues for example the server browser or maybe some balancing issues can be easily fixed. give the devs some feedback and time and they ll do it.
            imho its already the best next-gen MP-Shooter!


              Originally posted by JaFO View Post
              :lol: a patch in 4 days ? You really don't know about software-development, do you ?
              While its true, Epic probably will not release a patch in 4 days...

              Just look at EA's "day one patch" in -- well, a BUNCH of games.


                Just wanted to mention something here...

                Are you aware that G-Mein is probably just a pun on the German "gemein" (sounds the same) meaning "mean/vile/spiteful"? How reliable is the source? My guess is that the person has just been trolling and is enjoying themselves by answering the questions in the most controversial way.

                I'm the last to say that just because he only has one post and just signed up to answer the questions he must be wrong. Perhaps it was really just a nice move. But still, one person screams "fire" and the majority hear goes crazy as if all hell was breaking lose.

                I'm sorry if I'm falsely accusing that person but some of those answers just sound extremely improbable.


                  Originally posted by Scip View Post
                  lol of course u can.
                  do it via gamespy
                  If you change your Gamespy nick, your old nick is released and immediately available to anyone else. As you probably know, that's not what folks here are requesting.


                    It's an easy fix. Disable mouse acceleration and smoothing.


                      The only dire patching I think this needed from beta to release was the firing from obscured viewpoints bug...the eyeheigth istself isn't even really an issue. That other major irritation is lack of web admin, which should be patched soon allegedly. Disappointed that some other things didn't make it...yes I am, but ultimately the beta was might fun, but I can't help but feel this goes gold less polished than it's predecessors.


                        Can you spectate a server?


                          Originally posted by suibhne View Post
                          If you change your Gamespy nick, your old nick is released and immediately available to anyone else. As you probably know, that's not what folks here are requesting.
                          i have several gamespy nicks and accounts. i really see no problems there. and how often do u want to change ur ingame nick? and why?
                          Clan-Tag are u changing ingame from the menu.

                          Do u know that there are many games (RPGs, Shooter, RTS-Games) where u cant change ur name at all because its only allowed to have one per CD-Key?


                            Is the sound actually directionally correct now?


                              • hitbox resized (smaller) especially in the head area
                              • camera height unchanged
                              • better visibility of models with full post processing
                              • wrong spawntime of items due to delayed map start is fixed
                              • weapon throw not available (according to midway it will be in the final game)
                              • piped switch weapon not available (according to midway it will be in the final game)
                              • In general the players think rather highly of the new ORB system (at least one top-notch ONS-player was among the players) as it makes for a less rush-centered game and offeres a whole new set of startegical options
                              • The user interface doesn't seem to have changed much, a few submenues added, but besides that nothing seems to have changed.
                              • Server browser ping sort is *fixed*
                              • Mouse sense still only setable to full numbers via UI.
                              • Scoreobard now shows kills and death


                                I have a couple of new questions:

                                Can you throw weapons?

                                Can you set piped switch weapon binds?