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Going to buy it?

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  • Going to buy it?

    So, I feel bad about all the dissent on the demo feedback board. I know the demo has issues, but I still love it and have already preordered the game, and am getting it the day it comes out.

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    The beta demo has a lot of bugs, so that's why it's called a beta
    I'm sure that full game will be great and at least most of bugs will be fixed

    So day it comes out or maybe 1-2 day later


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      Yes. I have two pre-orders. I'm buying them whether or not I end up liking UT3 because I've got way more play out of UT2004 than the cost of the 2 copies of that I bought.

      I'm completely reserving judgement on UT3 until I get to play Warefare and UT3 TAM (if it gets ported) on a machine which can play it at reasonable quality.


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        i would preorder it but i've got to get a new pc first but still i wouldn't find it surprising if a few people end up giving it a miss, i think the options menus and server browsers and whatnot have had a huge affect on the fanbase, a BAD huge affect


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          Im gona buy it as soon as it hits the shelfs even though it uses Gayspy, not to mention my PC wont be able to run the the game. (atleas i have the box to look at, right?..........oh and a booklet to.)


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            Maybe. Want to see a demo released first.


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              i pre-ordered mine on the 25th November 2006 lol i have been playing UT form the start and am not gonna stop now hehe UT all the way


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                Maybe. I was about to pre-order the collector's edition but the demo had way too many faults and I felt exactly like I was playing Quake or Battlefield or Half life but with different weapons. It was slow as hell compared to UT2004 and the difference between a noob and a pro has been deprecated because of the lack of abllity of skilled movement and good hitscan.

                Imagine a skirmish between 1 pro and 3 noobs(say near a flag in a CTF game) in UT2004 and UT3. The pro would have a good chance in UT2004 because of being able to dodge jump or shield gun protect all the spam but in UT3 he would probably be dead from rockets and mini before taking down even one.

                Now for UT classic players saying that the game has returned to its roots etc., that doesn't matter to me. All I'm saying is that, for ME, there is hardly a difference in the movement etc. from Quake, Battlefield, HL2, Crysis. And movement is what defined Unreal for me, and it's gone now. I think I would have been happy with the dodge jump being nerfed a bit by about 30% in height and distance, but the complete removal is just too much to take.

                And if someone says I would adapt to it, maybe I could. But I could as well adapt to the other FPS games if I kept playing them and enjoy them as much, if not more.

                In conclusion though, I think I will buy the collector's edition just to pay Epic back for all the hours of entertainment that UT2004 provided me.


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                  im going to get it as soon as i can get my hands on the case