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    I havnt been able to find it in here, but im sure its someplace..
    What are the minimum and suggested specs for UT3?
    My computer has 1 gig of ram, 128 mb graphics card, pentium 4 dual core processor (1.7 i think)
    Think i'll be able to run it?
    I can run games like world of warcraft perfectly fine, but I found that I lag a little bit when I try to play Empire Earth 3...

    You're going to have trouble.


      What should I upgrade? I want to run this game flawlessly, and how much money will it cost?


        Is it really a dual core cpu? Right click on my click and click properties.
        If its a standard p4 1.7ghz, then you are below specs.

        Anyway, your video card needs upgrading badly. You should get an 8800 GT around mid december, as I hear prices should drop. Rougly 200-250$ now for that card. Make sure that if you ahve integrated graphics, that there is a PCI-E slot. Usually there is.
        Processor isnt as important as its been with the other UT games.
        More ram would help as well.

        Currently, I run the game fine on....

        2.8 p4
        1024(2 x 512) ddr ram
        7800gs agp card.

        When I say fine, I mean I run the demo at
        1440x900 @ 75% scalig
        Textures 3/3
        Detail 2/3(or is it out of 5? Not sure if the full detail is in demo)
        ANd I get around 30 fps+ average


          Noone knows what graphics card he has. All we know is it has 128mb of graphics.

          We dont know the processor either - we know it's intel, dual core and 1.7ghz.


            Originally posted by Verzen View Post
            What should I upgrade? I want to run this game flawlessly, and how much money will it cost?
            It depends on what you mean by flawlessly and how much money are you willing to spend?

            First thing, I would suggest an 8800GT video card from nvidia, it ranges depending on where you buy it and what version you get but it's the best for the price. It's right behind the 8800gtx

            You say pentium 4 dual core...

            Download cpuz and tell us what the processor actually is, there is no such thing as a pentium 4 dual core.


            There is the pentium D and then there is core2duo.

            There is an article that tells you how to build a computer for $500 bucks and they include benchmarks that plays ut3 fairly well but if you are willing to spend more money I would go with an intel quad core chip and over clock it.

            Before you consider the amd system let us know what CPU you actually have.

            In case you were wondering about the $500 pc here it is.



              Meh, thats what the dell thing said, said pentium 4 1.7 gig dual core processor.


                Erm, don't tell people to download random 3rd party software unless it's absolutely necessary. If they really have little knowledge about PCs they might actually get the idea that it's a great thing to do and will blindly follow the next person that has some malicious agenda. Same with people suggesting "n00bs" to overclock their hardware (but not mentioning that they void all warranty by doing that).

                Dxdiag will tell you everything you need to know.

                (Start -> Run -> "dxdiag" -> Return -> "save information" -> copy'n'paste "system information" and "display devices" sections from the file that you just saved.)


                  its not dual core. Dell are getting confused. There are no dual core P4's.

                  What it is is Hyper Threading. It should show up as another CPU, but its not. Think of it as virtual dual core - all the appearance of dual core, yet almost none of the gain.

                  Give dell a swift kick in the nether region for me.


                    I would suggest a new PC entirely, upgrading a Dell...well... you're probably going to be replacing almost every single part in it.

                    I had dell a few years ago that didn't even have an AGP slot on the motherboard, just PCI slots. Before you even consider upgrading, check to see what bus interface you have. Judging from your specs, I severely doubt you have PCI express, and you'll be lucky even to have an AGP slot. (That 128 MB 'video card' could be integrated graphics, which is no where near the power of a true piece of hardware)

                    Other issues like motherboard form factor (ATX vs MicroATX, you most likely have the latter) come into play, along with possible power supply problems.

                    Having a good GPU (video card) is no good if you bottleneck it with an old 1.7 GHZ P4, and if you're considering upgrading the processor, you have to check the socket type. If you're lucky, you'll have an LGA775 socket (supports the Core2Duo)

                    If you don't know what you're doing, it's better to buy a new computer entirely than to waste money on frivolous upgrades that might not even work for your computer.

                    Sorry if this seems overly pessimistic, but you should really research EVERYTHING you plan to do thoroughly; this is coming from an old Dell owner who found his computer to be virtually un-upgradeable.


                      Originally posted by Drintion View Post
                      If you don't know what you're doing, it's better to buy a new computer entirely than to waste money on frivolous upgrades that might not even work for your computer.
                      I agree. Had a Dell that that I bought in 2003. Man 0 Man, what a crappy build(back then I didn't know any better). But Like I post in many other threads, its better to start from scratch(CPU,Mobo,PSU,GPU,Ram), Cause like Drintion said, you be wasting money on the "try-and-error"