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SoCal-US servers?

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    SoCal-US servers?

    I am trying to see if something is wrong. I can't see more than 110 VCTF servers ever and no more than 3-5 with less than 100ms pings (am in SoCal).
    Should I see more than 5 servers with less than 100ms pings? Been this way since first load and have reloaded game 2x.

    Most of the list is blank name severs and show 24/24 players?
    The number of players in a game is totally inaccurate.
    The ping sorts in a truely strange way, definitely not by numbers maybe strings.

    I can't find any info that says my setup is wrong.
    cable ISP mediacom (7500/500 dslreports)
    motorola surfboard 5120 modem
    XyZEL 550 router
    winxp pro sp2
    all drivers updated 10/25/07

    I am wondering if the purchase version will have these same features?

    I appreciate any feedback, thanks


    Give this server a try:

    32 player vCTF public in LA.

    Shows up as MidnightGaming9 in the server list. If you don't see it you can also join in the game from the command line by hitting tilde key (~) then type: open


      It could be your router. I've seen it mentioned online in regards to it having issues with strict NAT. I don't think ZyXel supports moderate or open NAT. (Which could give you issues connecting to some online games.) You might want to contact ZyXel tech support or your cable company and see if you have any other options.


        Thanks Flak and Midnight,
        Midnight you've owned (a geezer can't say pwned) me in the spawn several times but I enjoy midnightgaming and will be back many times I am sure. AKA Nolo.
        Flak, I did not know there are different types of NATs and will read up on the concepts of moderate or open NAT. In the past neither ZyZEL or Mediacomm have helped me.


          I think California gamers get shafted in general. when I tracert various servers, they're all distributed between these 3 places: Texas, East Coast USA, or Germany.

          I live directly between SF and LA, so my pings for both are roughly 70ms. But how many servers do I see with ping at 70 or below? 5, I see 5 servers just like the TC.

          I just can't fathom that between the combined populations of LA and the Bay Area that there are only 5 servers. What ****** me off more is the fact that they're all 32 man enabled, when Suspense is a 16-man map at most!


            I'm sure there will be a lot more L.A. servers available once the final release is out and the dedicate Linux server is available.