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Is normal CTF going to be in UT3?

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    Originally posted by coldplasmid View Post
    To tell the truth, after playing the demo, I hate vCTF. I didn't see normal CTF though, so is it going to be in the real game?
    i don't think u need to ask that lol, OF COURSE IT WILL SILLY!!!!!!!!!


      Originally posted by Minimaul View Post
      CTF and VCTF maps are different in size. loading vehicles on a normal CTF map isn't going to work out that great because those maps aren't set-up for vehicle usage.

      And that is what idiots did with UT99. They created mods with vehicles and stupid flying abominations and stuck them in maps the size of broom closets and ruined everything. That was when I finally abandoned the game to take up custom toe-nail painting. It was more fun...


        yeah, while its possible some vctf maps might play ok as ctf maps, its not likely... hopefully itll be possible to run servers with both ctf and vctf maps without vehicles so we can at least try...

        and yeah, i was one of thos who also wondered how they could release a ut demo without ctf... i honestly didnt play the demo much at all after checking out the weapons and movement because i wasnt interested in dm or vctf in medium res... definitely dampened the excitment, but i am really looking forward to digging into the full game and hoping they fixed some of the major problems for release.


          i reckon VCTF is much better this time round than what they did with UT2004...but yes normal CTF is in UT3...