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So, Epic... what's up with not showing ppls ping?

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    Originally posted by Sam Stride View Post
    pc = bread and butter (starters)
    ps3 = fish and chips (main course)
    360 = peaches and cream (desert)

    something tells me that in the end the 360 will have the best ut3 game and the pc will have the worst. by this i mean that the 360 version will rock more than the pc version. my $119.95
    I disagree, the PC will still be th best version even with the non pleasant UI-the gameplay still owns (accept for flak alt fire) and will be smoother, more accurate gameplay than the consoles.


      Most console players dont know what ping is.... hmm could that have anything to do with it? What did EPIC show of UT3 the most during E3? The PS3 version, that all I heard about. Blah blah blah PS3 UT3 runs and looks great on PS3 previews galore.

      This console cattering **** is obviously leaking into the PC version. If I am wrong then I will apologize to EPIC when the game comes out. But I dont think so. Why not come out and say the beta was an early build we are fixing things and making UT3 for PC for PC. Wow take the 1 minute it takes to post it. I think the fanbase deserves that.


        Originally posted by sincreator View Post
        what ever happened to just playing and having fun? All I see is complaints, someone elses ping doesnt really matter because first off only an idiot would join a room where his ping is say 150 and above, I dont know about everyone else but I only join servers where I have a good ping. If someone is stupid enough to join a high ping game then they deserve to lose. Thats why there in last place.
        Once you play a bit more, I think you'll see how 30-40 ping in one direction or the other is a very big advantage/disadvantage in endgame play. Not saying I'm great, but from just 1 year of ut2k4 I've learned that.

        It would be great if we all could just jump in our lowest ping server and play, but for the most part you're often gonna be the only one there.


          Originally posted by duddley View Post
          but for the most part you're often gonna be the only one there.
          HAHA so very true.


            They should have the pings listed. I'm a big console gamer and I still know what ping is. It's a very important thing to have. Even on consoles. Gotta know everyones ping so everyone knows who to vote kick!


            BTW, If memory serves me correctly you could see everyone's ping in Resistance: Fall of Man. Should be no reason to not have it.


              i like the idea of being able to give mods cross platform. pc users can have huge RAM CONSUMING BEASTS with high res texes and incredible poly models coupled with tonnes of code, while the ps 3 can have a dumbed down version due to a limit of 512 meg.

              i feel sad for console users, and i am glad i use pc.

              *PLEASE NOTE*. i meant none of the above as a smart remark or anything close, i simply meant i feel sorry that console users will battle to find big mods that fit on their ram. no abuse meant at all.


                I guess im one of the lucky ones. Most of the people I play with live close to me. So we always have 30-50pings. And when the full version comes out I will be hosting for my clan off of my 25meg connection. In other games BF2142, and CS if your in north america the avererage ping to my host is usually about 70-80. Just to let people know my host will be dedicated if Im not there. In UC2 on xbox I did the same thing. As laggy as UC2 was I could still maintain 8 players.(still ran bad, but no one lagged out). XBOX lives fault, not EPIC. LIVE lags everygame, atleast on the pc they dont try to hide it. On Xbox every game looks like its running good but we all know **** well when we shoot a guy strait in the face with a shotty, and he dont die, somethings going on.


                  In clanwars it is essential to see everyones ping according to find equal server for all.
                  If you can see only your ping, you can even lie your ping to get an advantage to your team.

                  So basically if you don't see other pings -> more server fighting -> LESS FUN!

                  Wake up Epic!


                    yeah i reckon in the F1 menu, the ping should be displayed next to their names. like in UT2004


                      a Ping-display just adds yet another reason for players to blame when they suck at the game.
                      I for one would be glad to see it gone.

                      The only reason one would need to see the ping-times of another player is because you would like to know how easy he can be fragged.

                      Less = More.

                      Just because I'm a LPB that don't mean a HPL can't take me down. He just needs to be better at the game, while I don't need to be good at the game to get my share of frags.

                      btw : this game was never meant for clan-wars so there's even less reason to show such things in a scoreboard.


                        To be honest, I for myself dont like the new UT3 IU, scoreboard and the fact, that EPIC is not responding at all.

                        My conclusion is rather easy: The are for sure busy with the first patch because the real UT3 version came out 3-4 weeks after the demo. Not much time to change things and test properly.

                        Or EPIC want to increase their sales. Because I think, know everyone wanna buy the game, still with the errors and stuff, just to see ... I dont care.

                        I play the game because its nice ... thats how it should be. =)


                          Well the UI, and server browser feels like they are ported 100% from the PS3 version unlike ut2003 and ut2k4. So the ping not showing etc can be attributed for that.


                            So long as my ping is decent I dont really care about other peoples pings. As a matter of fact it keeps me from accusing people of ping raping people since they live two blocks from the server. Doesn't bother me either way.


                              Originally posted by Grim View Post
                              I just dont get it, Epic finally managed to make a game that seems to appeal to both UT and UT2k3/4 players and they manage to screw up the menus and the scoreboard.
                              Well TBH verdict is still out on this UT3 with the UTAS players , we are hoping that warfare contains alot 1v1 dm scenarios and fraggin instead of the total vehicle spam that was in ONS. Without fraggin then a gametype is not worthy in a UT game imo if its gonna be vehicle based. These gametypes are for nabs who cant aim.


                                Uh, I actually havnt played UT2k4 in a few years, due to comp problems, but what about UTComp or whatever. Not like bright skins are required or anything.