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    I figured as much but how about the subtitles?

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    Originally posted by samifira View Post
    Oh ****!

    I just saw references to FOUR, count em, FOUR teams!
    That's already old news.

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    Upon doing further reading of the files, I may have found references to new vehicles, or at least revised versions of normal ones. For example there is the "stealth bender", the "shielded turret", and, my favorite, the "stealth vehicle."

    Anyone else find anything fun?

    Oh ****!

    I just saw references to FOUR, count em, FOUR teams!

    heres an excerpt:


    in the utgame.INT file

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    Sure thing

    Intro_01=In 2291, in an attempt to control violence among deep space miners, the Liandri Mining Corporation established a series of leagues and bloody public exhibitions. For fifty years the fights' popularity grew with their brutality.
    Intro_02=Then... the war came.
    Intro_03=Verily! Bless my skills, O Lord, and be pleased with the work of my hands ...
    Intro_04=The kind where we all die, Othello?
    Intro_05=And get shot down?
    Intro_06=I'm on it.
    Intro_07=Hell yea, this is my kind of fight!
    Intro_08=Your brother's got a plan.
    Intro_10=You name it!
    Intro_11=Reaper... A fighter won't help evac all these colonists.
    Intro_12=Controlled bursts! Watch for civilians!
    Intro_13=I need volunteers.
    Intro_14=Jester, our only chance is to power up a ship for evac.
    Intro_15=Not a shuttle... a fighter. A good enough pilot could get past that blockade.
    Intro_16=Just get my sister to safety. Whatever it takes.
    Intro_17=Bishop, provide cover.
    Intro_18=Just do it!

    Tutorial_01=We can't be...
    Tutorial_02=You still mad?
    Tutorial_03=Right. Fly off and leave brother to die.
    Tutorial_04=From six feet under? Good plan.
    Tutorial_05=They had two things we needed. First, a hospital. You were half dead.
    Tutorial_06=I knew you'd be ****** when you woke up. This mercenary gig gets us up close and personal with Necris. Fast.
    Tutorial_07=That was the plan, but the Izanagi suits call us 'Ronin' behind our backs. I figure we learn their new tech... and prove we deserve a front line assignment.
    Tutorial_08=I thought a little one-on-one would work out the kinks.
    Tutorial_09=The whole city is covered with respawners. Corporate money...
    Tutorial_10=Sure. Portable units.
    Tutorial_11=Yeah. Let's see if the docs put you back together right.
    Tutorial_12=Try not to tense up, that helps.
    Tutorial_13=Need more bedrest?
    Tutorial_14=And you want to be squad leader?
    Tutorial_15=Now you're getting it.
    Tutorial_16=Nice one, big brother.
    Tutorial_17=Reaper is back!
    Tutorial_18=Next time Othello can train you.
    Tutorial_19=This is combat, not PT - quit running.
    Tutorial_20=Any time, brother.
    Tutorial_21=... even bother with this one. No way he fights again.
    Tutorial_22=Just do it.
    Tutorial_23=We're too late.
    Tutorial_24=You shouldn't have come back.
    Tutorial_25=I swore I'd take care of you.
    Tutorial_26=Fine, you win. So we're working for the Izanagi now?
    Tutorial_27=And the second?
    Tutorial_28=Now we're talkin'.
    Tutorial_29=Sounds good. So where's the firing range?
    Tutorial_30=With rocket launchers? Your big plan was to save me, then blow me to bits?
    Tutorial_31=Respawners? On a battlefield?
    Tutorial_32=So no casualties...
    Tutorial_33=****!! Dying hurts.
    Tutorial_34=That sounds easy.
    Tutorial_35=You've been practicing.
    Tutorial_36=That felt good.
    Tutorial_37=I know you feel better, but I need to make sure you're really ready for all this. Let's meet up at the Kimpu docks for a little one on one refresher course. If it helps, you can pretend I'm one of those scary Krall goons...

    FirstCombatBriefing_01=Read it how you want. But now your team's with SpecOps.
    FirstCombatBriefing_02=Some crib, huh?
    FirstCombatBriefing_03=Name's Malcolm.
    FirstCombatBriefing_04=Izanagi hired me to run Special Ops.
    FirstCombatBriefing_05=Sounds like you know my rep.
    FirstCombatBriefing_06=A'ight, I get it.
    FirstCombatBriefing_07=I've run 'Thunder Cash' in the wackest conditions the Liandri could dream up ... magma-filled volcanoes, zero gravity, ****ed-up aliens, you name it. This **** here's a cakewalk.
    FirstCombatBriefing_08=Naw. But respawners completely changed the war. And nobody knows 'spawners like a tourney champ.
    FirstCombatBriefing_09=Izanagi bosses want surgical strikes to win this war.
    FirstCombatBriefing_10=Yeah. Small team like yours, knows how to work together - a real asset.
    FirstCombatBriefing_11=****, son, you ever shut up? We're goin' to war and I need you in my crew.
    FirstCombatBriefing_12=They started this, wantin' our Tarydium. And we need their gear if we're gonna flex on the Necris.
    FirstCombatBriefing_13=Listen. I heard what happened to your colony. I know you want blood. This job gets you there faster. Trust me.
    FirstCombatBriefing_14=Nice office.
    FirstCombatBriefing_16=That can't be cheap.
    FirstCombatBriefing_17=Who doesn't? Most grand tournament trophies, ever. Leader of Thunder Crash, AKA 'Thunder Cash'...
    FirstCombatBriefing_18=...all of which makes you a highly decorated... civilian.
    FirstCombatBriefing_19=So that makes you a general.
    FirstCombatBriefing_20=Fair enough. What do you want with me?
    FirstCombatBriefing_21=And they're cost-effective.
    FirstCombatBriefing_22=A real disposable asset.
    FirstCombatBriefing_23=So the Ronin have a master, huh?
    FirstCombatBriefing_24=Why? The Necris are the real threat, not the Axon.
    FirstCombatBriefing_25=Fine. We'll be ready.

    AxonTreaty_02=They did buy them. With soldiers' blood instead of Caesar's coin.
    AxonTreaty_03=Lead us then to a martyr's death...
    AxonTreaty_04=Yes, sir.
    AxonTreaty_05=In their what? (Laughs) Yeah, I guess we were...
    AxonTreaty_06=If they can afford Malcolm, they can buy a few tanks, right?
    AxonTreaty_07=So she slaughters civilians for a living. Nice.
    AxonTreaty_08=Yes. Sir.
    AxonTreaty_09=I have just one question.
    AxonTreaty_10=Where did you find a 2-D printer?
    AxonTreaty_11=That '*****' is a Necris High Inquisitor. Name's Akasha. She handles non-military ops like the one on Twin Souls.
    AxonTreaty_12=I want this chick too. But so far the Necris have stayed out of the fight.
    AxonTreaty_13=So far we've kept the fight under the N.E.G.'s radar. But this new alliance may fool the Phayder into making a mistake... like open warfare.
    AxonTreaty_14=We need more Tarydium to keep our tanks rollin'. The Liandri have plenty, so we're takin' it. Suit up, quit, I don't care. But Izanagi's still got a war to fight.
    AxonTreaty_15=A treaty with the Axon? But we were right up in their junk!
    AxonTreaty_16=You need to talk to your brother. He's like some nutcase on a holy war.
    AxonTreaty_17=Uh. No offense.
    AxonTreaty_18=Don't get me wrong, I like a little action...but this is bull****!
    AxonTreaty_19=Yeah! ... what??
    AxonTreaty_20=Always politics...
    AxonTreaty_21=That's the ***** that jumped us!
    AxonTreaty_22=Yes, Sir.
    AxonTreaty_23=It's not bull****. Fighting Axon in the first place, that was bull****.
    AxonTreaty_24=There's a reason we drive Axon vehicles... they're the best. And we'll need them to fight the Necris.
    AxonTreaty_25=I don't give a **** about the politics. This is why I'm here.
    AxonTreaty_26=So let's take the fight to their homeworld. See how they like it.
    AxonTreaty_27=Yes, Sir.
    AxonTreaty_28=Don't worry. I'm not on a holy war. I just want to kill this *****.

    NecrisAttack_01=We didn't think they'd come this fast... attack every front...
    NecrisAttack_02=They came too fast... we didn't provoke this... they must have been preparing for years...
    NecrisAttack_03=This isn't war - this is slaughter. You call this calculated losses? Collateral damage?
    NecrisAttack_04=You wanted them to break the rules, start an open war. Take a look, you got your wish!
    NecrisAttack_05=Yeah, you blew it. But this was coming no matter what we did. Only one thing to do now.
    NecrisAttack_06=Let's kick some Necris ***.

    NEGIntercedes_01=The harridan Akasha roams free, our swords wasted on Axon and Liandri.
    NEGIntercedes_02=Patience. Every sinner shows in my sights, eventually.
    NEGIntercedes_03=Huh? I thought the war was over?
    NEGIntercedes_04=Sure... yes,Sir. We'll be ready.
    NEGIntercedes_05=Now we're talkin!
    NEGIntercedes_06=Worked like a charm - we pushed hard, the Necris got stupid, and the N.E.G. stepped in.
    NEGIntercedes_07=Unless you want to take on the whole Earth military.
    NEGIntercedes_08=Wasted? Hell naw. Izanagi came out way ahead, thanks to y'all. Just wait 'til the bonus plan kicks in.
    NEGIntercedes_09=Add in a few reconstruction contracts, that could mean another sweet bonus...
    NEGIntercedes_10=What, you're gonna catch Akasha and her posse in a drive by? On the Necris homeworld?
    NEGIntercedes_11=Too easy.
    NEGIntercedes_12=Yeah. They're on their way.
    NEGIntercedes_13=N.E.G. shuttle three-one echo, please submit your flight plan, over.
    NEGIntercedes_14=N.E.G. shuttle. This area is restricted to overflight, I repeat, submit your plan.
    NEGIntercedes_15=Three-one echo, return to dock A-SAP!
    NEGIntercedes_16=Oh no...
    NEGIntercedes_17=Surprise, more political b.s.
    NEGIntercedes_18='Bout **** time!
    NEGIntercedes_19=So the war is just... over?
    NEGIntercedes_20=So that's it, then.
    NEGIntercedes_21=You're not listening. THAT. IS. IT. We are leaving, right now, to do what we should have done from the start.
    NEGIntercedes_22=I need a ship. Get me one.
    NEGIntercedes_23=We've got a new mission. Volunteers only.
    NEGIntercedes_24=I want skids up in ten minutes.
    NEGIntercedes_25=Prep deep recon loadouts. We're going through that Jumpgate.

    MalcomBetrayal_01=Found her. Four exits, four of us. Every eye shall see her.
    MalcomBetrayal_02=This place should be crawling with Black Legion by now.
    MalcomBetrayal_03=Something's wrong. Feels like a trap.
    MalcomBetrayal_04=Full release of liability, covenant not to sue, as we discussed.
    MalcomBetrayal_05=That's your decision. I understand the penalty for outworlder trespass with the Necris is rather high.
    MalcomBetrayal_06=A real disposable asset. Tough break, kid.
    MalcomBetrayal_07=Aww, why you gotta ruin it?
    MalcomBetrayal_08=I know the drill. Y'all spread wide, I'll flush her out.
    MalcomBetrayal_09=And this settles our grievances.
    MalcomBetrayal_10=And when they have finished with this 'rogue' Inquisitor?
    MalcomBetrayal_11=Naturally. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
    MalcomBetrayal_12=We haven't exactly been subtle.
    MalcomBetrayal_13=No. This is my job.
    MalcomBetrayal_14=Let's end it.

    Conclusion_01=Told you... it was a trap...
    Conclusion_02=You dead? ... Huh?
    Conclusion_03=Guess so.
    Conclusion_04=She's down. The ***** is finally down.
    Conclusion_05=Ronin, sound off.
    Conclusion_06=My little Sarah... I'm so sorry.
    Conclusion_07=Only one person knew our plans.
    Conclusion_08=That makes you next... Malcolm.

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    Post up the subtitles, yo.

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  • started a topic Subtitles.INT


    WARNING: Spoilers ahead

    Has anyone else found this yet? If so just disregard this but...

    If you look in your "\UTGame\Localization\INT" folder you will find a file called subtitles. In it are the subtitles for the singleplayer campaign. It reveals information about the singleplayer campagin and the events in it. If you notice some of the dialogue from the Cinematic Trailer is in here too.

    Am I allowed to post this by the way?

    Also, in that folder are other files that have death messages and alerts in them.

    Fun stuff

    Alright, upon searching someone brought this stuff up before.

    Still, the subtitles are pretty interesting