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    Originally posted by Green_Day_584 View Post
    Hey everybody,

    The release of Unreal Tournament 3 is only 2 weeks away for America, and 4 weeks for Australia.

    Who cares, it's coming out monday the 12th in Germany.


      Originally posted by DarkSideofOZ View Post
      1. ********** Furiously to the box cover whilst dodging traffic on the way home.
      2. Have "from behind" mating ritual while installing with the Instruction Manual lying on her back to make it more exciting. Glance up at the scrolling screenshots to help as a Vitality aid during said ritual.

      Oh dear god....


        1.) skip that day of school
        2.) get the game
        3.) start the campaigning
        4.) check out the warfare maps and vctf maps (after i finish the campaigning)
        5.) skip the next day of school =D
        6.) start doing maps, adding new stuff ingame and finishing t3h mod


          1) get out of school get to the nearest EB/gamestore.
          2) while on the way home talk to my friend in the car about how we are going to own so much
          3)Jump out of the car without saying thanks then go to my computer (luckly i have been cleaning my pc up from **** to get it ready for ut3
          4)Tell my mom I'm busy and can't leave my computer
          5)Play co-op with friend
          6)play some good old deathmatch(without darkwalker)
          7)play CTF
          8) so ********** due to all the time spent on ut3.


            1: Buy the game
            2: Read manual, wishing I could play it
            3: Keep wishing I could play it
            4: Read up on tech sites speccing out performance - build a theoretical rig
            5: Perfect my theoretical setup
            6: Keep wishing I could play it
            7: Save up, get parts BUILD
            8: Install and enjoy

            Yeh, pretty sad. But just being able to finish a match without an overheat would be wonderful!


              return home -> get the game from my mailbox -> install it -> ??? -> profit