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    Plans for teh Release?

    Hey everybody,

    The release of Unreal Tournament 3 is only 2 weeks away for America, and 4 weeks for Australia. So now is the time to lay down your plans: waht are you doing on the release day, have you made a time slot to pick up your pre order, have you allocated time to fill your urge for UT style violence, etc.

    if you plan ahead, you will have one mother of a party!

    So what are you doing? having the mates over with their pcs? (yer, one pc wont go between two ) what will you be eating? if you plan to play all night your going to need energy. protein. sugar. anything. Need to get confortable? set up chairs if your a console person, clean teh desk if your a pc user. gong to go mad? print teh logo on a t shirt, or go into eb games listening to ut 3 beats from you iPod.

    Whatever you do, plan for it. the day we be upon us soon enough, and we ned to make sure we are ready TO FRAG ALL NIGHT LONG!

    I will be:

    1. Going to eb games to collect my preorder. The mp3 player will be keepin me psyched with UT 3 tunez.

    2. Read the manual while ut 3 installez. i will make sure the high protein beef jerky is ready, and have some pepsi on standby.

    3. when its loaded up, il have some practice dms, vctfs, ctfs, and chek out warfare. then comes the campaign.

    4. when i can possibly press the keyz anymore, i will go to bed, and gain more energy... then i will repeat from step 3



      1. I just ordered the beef jerky today from (better to buy bulk!)

      2. Mini-Fridge is always stocked with Pepsi.

      3. I've got 19/20/21st off work (nice being your own boss)

      4. I'll most likely be playing Portals while UT3's installing.

      5. Going to spend 10 min or so perfecting my Display settings and hot-keys/mouse buttons.

      6. Then it's TDM/DM/Instagib ALL-NIGHT-LONG!!!!


        I guess some energy drink and pizza would do
        1. Install
        2. Play
        xD lol that's all :P xD


          while (true) {

          Still gotta add a reason to stop this otherwise I'll end up like those Koreans that die in a gaming marathon


            - buy the game
            - check my bank deposit
            - moan
            - 2 weeks later: order the pieces of my new rig
            - wait 1 day
            - open the door, grab the suff out of their hands, throw the cash at them
            - assemble the pieces
            - install some os
            - install drivers
            - install 3 games at once
            - set-up UT3
            - Play the rest of the week.
            (realized too late UT3 was going to be released, need to get myself a new pc to make it function properly. Saving every cent I can, however, I'll still be able to buy the core system 2 weeks late )


              1. Call in a sick with rare form of "one week" cancer.
              2. Pick up a Case of Bawls.
              3. Pick up my 2 preorder copies from Gamestop (one for me and one for GF)
              4. ********** Furiously to the box cover whilst dodging traffic on the way home.
              5. Park.
              6. Run inside.
              7. Put Case of Bawls in Freezer.
              8. Wake up GF.
              9. Start installing.
              10. Have "from behind" mating ritual while installing with the Instruction Manual lying on her back to make it more exciting. Glance up at the scrolling screenshots to help as a Vitality aid during said ritual.
              11. Check my ini settings.
              12. Tweak Graphics
              13. Set Controls
              14. Climax, clean up
              15. Grab a (hopefully cold by now) Bawls
              16. Start killing you all (Digitally of course)


                1. Wait for the first people to report the changes from the demo

                2. The playerheight-issue is not fix....OH WHAT THE HECK WHO CARES

                3. Go out and buy it, 12th here in Germany

                4. Make dinner while it installs, 8GB take a while..

                5. Try to activate the full **** gore SOMEHOW

                6. Fail at that

                7. Searching the Web's every single corner for a bloodpatch

                8. Fail at that

                9. Play only matches with robots against robots till the bloodpatch arrives, so I don't notice the missing gore

                10. Install the bloodpatch when it's finally there



                  10: Install
                  20: Woot
                  30: Play
                  40: Goto 30


                    nice ideas. lol. i cant wait.... just need pepsi, and jerky, and im set


                      ill be going to california on a vaction

                      ive never been to california and im sure ill like it but talk about s***y timing


                        Will also be on vacation...till January. Dammit.


                          I work on the 20th so I'll spend a very slow and non-productive day at work reading about everyone that has the game. After work I will go hunt down a copy of the CE. Or I may just buy it online at Best Buy and try to pick it up locally if they have them in stock. Once I get the game and get home I'll feed my dog, make and eat some food. After that I will take a precursory dump and while on my porcelain throne I will occupy my time by reading the UT3 instruction booklet. Once done there I'll grab some drinks and snacks then head to my room and install the game. When I'm all set-up in-game I'll load up the single player campaign and have myself a grand ole time for quite some time. When I'm finished with the single player campaign I'll spend some time setting up my character then I'll go mess around on all the maps at least once. Once I'm done with that I'll head online to frag some fools.

                          Lucky for me I have a 5 day weekend starting the 21st (20th would be my "Friday").

                          Oh yeah, and on that Thursday I'll go steal as much Turkey as I can to load up for the next few days worth of copious gaming.


                            it all depends on whether I can get a job by then...but either way Installing Ut3 will be there at some stage.


                              UT3 comes out straight after my exams finish so i'll be taking out all the stops....

                              1.) Get enough food handy so I wont have to move for several days

                              2.) Get my rig all set up: clear desk, turn all non-UT3 processes off, clear 10gigs of space on a hard drive, open the sides of my case so the comp doesn't overheat from playing the SP campaign of UT3 through in one sitting

                              3.) Be down at EB when it opens to pick up my pre-ordered collectors edition

                              4.) Sprint home, install UT3 while reading the manual.

                              5.) Set the settings to the optimal that i've found on the UT3 Demo before proceeding to play the campaign through in one sitting (with occasional breaks for food, toilet or a small dose of excercise)

                              6.) When I've recovered the next day, get my group of 3 fellow UT3-mad friends to come round so we can have a play through of the campaign in one sitting for a second time on co-op

                              7.) On the third day, after playing all through the UT3 campaign in one sitting on consecutive days, have a larger group of friends bring their PCs around (maybe 7 or 8) and have a massive LAN-war all day (although we may still need bots for warfare).

                              After that I will once more emerge into the sunlight, and hope it doesn't burn me.