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UT3 Music AWESOME !!!!!!!! again techno is back !!!!

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    Originally posted by Arnout View Post
    The dynamic music based on action states sucks. It sucked in all other games I've played that had it too. Just doesn't work; the transitions are never smooth, they never come at the right moments, and most often they simply interrupt the flow of the not only the music itself, but the whole game.

    It's stupid, I hope you can get rid of it in the options menu in the final game. It would be a waste otherwise, since UT has always had some of the best music. Mechanism 8, Foregone Destruction, KR-Metallurgy, Phantom, the legendary Go Down, etc.
    Its good for campaign games, like Halo, but not for UT multiplayer so much.


      TIE Fighter has the best dynamic music in history. Hell, it changes composition in various ways as you play.