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The AI REALLY cracked me up the other day.

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    Originally posted by cpt rossco View Post
    Humans, or human beings, are bipedal primates belonging to the mammalian species
    Mammals are a species, now? Lol!

    Mammals are part of the same class: Mammalia.

    Cool news about the bots, though. The new bots rule, I think. Also, I've never seen a group of fighting bots ignore each other and suddenly gun for me, unless I'm hit really hard while they're around, in which case they all pile on just to take the frag from the other bot. They do the same to other bots, too, trying to take a frag from you.

    That's way human, in my book. Good AI!


      Originally posted by Jocked View Post
      You are wrong.

      "Human race" is a misnomer, please stop using it.

      This is taught to children, why are so many people confused about it?

      Also, lol @ the original post. That's amazing!


        Anyone remember the "black monkey" from ut2k3?


          Originally posted by Contra View Post
          Anyone remember the "black monkey" from ut2k3?
          *Facepalm* That was the dumbest thread I've seen in ages.

          On topic: I wonder what other unusual behavioral traits they have coded into them.


            Originally posted by Nacher View Post
            I wonder why everyone claims that bots are harder this time around. I think their aim on high levels is a bit less cheat-like, which makes them actually easier to beat. Also, their choice of weapon is usually really poor. Bots just use link primary in situations, where they should shaft or snipe me. In vCTF the bots seemed to be rather dumb, or then bots on my team just knew how to teamplay far better than people on public servers. Anyways, it was quite easy to make a hat trick with 3 caps, while the enemy bot team did zero caps.

            Everything below masterful seems to be really easy. Like there would be a high jump in difficulty after adept. And then again, Godlike isn't that much harder than masterful. I still like the bots quite a bit. They are fun to play against. Just that they could be a bit harder on godlike, as it's quite easy to win a godlike botmatch, if you're really familiar with the map. I wouldn't try the single player campaign on godlike though...
            Yeap. 1v1'ing a Godlike bot is kind of like, I dunno 1v1'ing a fairly good player who doesn't 1v1 at all. The movement seems realistic enough, the aiming is much better (not always hitting), but they don't 'think' yet. Like f'instance...on Shang, the Godlike bot will spawn by the boots (you get bio), and get the boots and rox but not the 50. It'll then I am not sure where it goes. (I think to link and flak) but in that case it always seems to be the same.

            What I do find, as what you mention ties into, is that the bots are probably much more useful for helping people to train that don't have a team to play with, etc. I like it much better than the way they were in 2k4.

            That is a funny OP though!