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will we be forced to connect online just to play single player?

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    will we be forced to connect online just to play single player?

    this was one of the (biggest, but not only) reasons i've sworn i'd never buy another game from EA.

    the only valid(?) reason to make anybody do this is to give them the opportunity to track usage and god only knows what else statistics about your compy habits.

    i've had it with the whole FilePlanet / Gamespy / IGN consortium / collaboration / whatever you want to call it.

    they have truly become legends in their own minds, and are becoming more and more user UN-friendly as time goes on.

    case in point:

    since the UT3 demo is too frustrating in its current state, i decided last night to re-install BF2142, really just to see how it would perform with my recent system upgrades.

    i figured, what the heck, i paid for the game, might as well get SOME use from it!! :-)

    after going through the whole laborius registration, new id, and logon procedures, i remembered that i'd seen somewhere that there was a way to display the FPS in-game, and also to unlock the FPS cap.

    so i headed to Planet Battlefield for some answers.

    OMG they've completely redone the site!!

    the whole top of my screen was filled with a bunch of self-promoting BS, and i could not find a "search" macro for the forum itself!! :-(

    now they wanted me to fill out a "ticket" - LOL

    it's been my recent experience that submitting tickets at many sites usually results in one thing - some kind of "party line" response / non-answer, then the ticket gets closed.

    i was forced to resort to googling for the answer, and it seemed the only hits i got turned out to be instructions for these things for the game's initial DEMO, not for the retail game itself.

    in disgust i said scroot, and gave up on even trying to play the game.

    right now i'm praying they don't pull this kind of bovine effluvium with UT3 - forcing us to connect to play SP, i mean, and i won't even consider buying the game until i get an answer to this and several other questions about how the game's logistics will be handled.


    There's a button 'play offline' on the login screen even in the demo ..


      Originally posted by CoffinDancer View Post
      bovine effluvium
      I lol'd ^^


        ... yes there is indeed a button to be played offline...

        The online has only been credited to be a stat tracker at this point... if anyone finds that it is just BSing im sure that they will complain about it and good for them!


          It's very similar to the Steam approach. I see exactly your point. Yes you can play 'offline' but I believe you are still required to log in? I haven't tried it on the beta demo. At any rate this could change with the actual release. Wait for a full demo if you are sceptical, or wait for feedback from other users.


            Epic themselves said only half of the UT2004 keys went online, and they built UT3 with a 'proper' single player for all the offline players. It would seem somewhat contradictory if they required you to get online to go offline (even at first registration.)

            EA does that because they're...well... EA.


              My gamer system for the demo can get online, but I can pull the modem cord wont be online at all. I can instant action just fine.


                all you have to do is put in a user name (anything will do) and press the "Play Offline" button in the lower right and you can play without having to log in


                  Originally posted by CoffinDancer View Post
                  in disgust i said scroot, and gave up on even trying to play the game.
                  "scroot" is the new word of the day. Instead of saying "gg" when you lose, say "scroot" instead.