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    Originally posted by re8 View Post
    I found it sometimes cheaper to buy a low-end system (for those who is buying a low-end system) from Dell w/o Dell's "upgrades" (except monitor upgrade to 20"widescreen for $50usd, & perhaps bumping up to E2160) & plop in your own memory, & GPU.
    You have to remember that we buying an OS will cost us $90+, but for Dell it is likely $20.

    Either way, it is best to shop first for parts, the price compare via Dell etc.
    Dell usually has non-standard cases and motherboards, propriatary. You cannot reuse the case for standard ATX boards. They are usually plastic and keep the heat inside them and have poor ventillation. Purchasing a good case and power supply will save you money down the road and will last through several upgrades. The case can last until ATX boards are no longer the standard.

    I would hope everyone remembers the Sound Blaster cards Dell sold with their systems that were not even SB compatable and all the cheapo versions of video cards with lower clocks inferior memory they used instead of the retail quality versions.


      ****, you guys are starting to make me panic. Maybe I would get a custom-built PC, I mean I know they are potentially better and cheaper for the same performance. But my Dad thinks Dell is decent and I can't convince him more than change the video card to the 8800 gtx already, to go for a custom one instead of Dell. He already order it and its on its way next week.

      When I graduate from university and have my own money, I will get a custom-made one that is specifically designed for optimal gaming.