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UT3 Clans

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  • UT3 Clans

    I've been trying to search for a list of serious UT3 clans out there but haven't found any. How about we create a list here and I'll just keep updating it as more names get added? Please include the following information:

    Clan Name
    Clan Website
    Teams (Deathmatch, Team DM, CTF, etc)
    Any extra information like clan history, tournament history, or even recruitment.

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    theres a thread about this ............really old 1 so.... gl with that !


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      [DFX] clan

      Brutal: That was not helpful or nice .

      I could not find the old link so I will post here. I would also like to recommend letting causal clans post here to.

      [DFX] Deadly Faction X

      Our clan will be directed toward older gamers who are just looking for others to play with. I have no plans on trying to go competitive. As of now we are not officially recruiting but we will be starting after mind November.

      We have a forum up and I will be looking into making a full website later. I will also be looking into renting a server for the clan. We do not require you to play x amount of hours nor donate money. All we ask is that you have a sense of humor and a love for UT.

      If you would like to join just e-mail me at Please include information such as age, games you like, reason for wanting to join. Stuff like that. Remember we are looking for older gamers...I would say 20 and above. Nothing is set in stone as of yet so feel free to apply if you fall a few years under.

      Oh ya, Brutal I remember you saying you liked this banner LINK. If you would like to use it, let me know and I will send you a version without our clan tag. I decided to use a different banner.


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        Hello. My name is Mute, I belong and am founder of a community called Fragz-R-Us Gaming. It is a place for me and buddies to hang out, but I feel it doesn't get the attention it deserves. I put alot of time and effort into creating this website. It looks very nice and it easy to maneuver around to find what you are looking for. Please help me make this site more of a success and get the recognition it deserves. It is not a 'clan' at the moment, but in the near future I think it may become one.
        Thank you,


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          here's a bunch:

          extracted from here

          Originally posted by Worlock
          At the request of de`pain, I am closing the previous thread on this and creating a cleaned up version.

          I'd like to list the following:

          Full clan name, exactly how you want it to appear
          IRC channel - I'm assuming they are GR unless told otherwise
          Expected UT3 roster

          If your clan isn't listed yet, or is missing any of this information, please post whatever you know.

          If you'd like to discuss anything that comes from this thread, start a new one. Posts in this thread will be limited to those providing the information needed, and they will be removed once the data is added to the list.


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            >ZK< Zadnej klan - (translated as Clan Less)
            We're 2-3 division UT99 iGib players, but we are looking for mid (and ofc high ) skilled players of any UT3 mode.
            We were first and fourth in the 3rd division and third in 2nd division in last few years (in clanbase).
            Most of our players are czech but we have experience with many happy foreigners (sweden, netherland, england ...).
            Players with sense of humor have advantage
            irc: #zk.ut @ quakenet (needed)
            + my contact on this forum


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              Natural Born Killas {NBK}/nbk-

              Est.Jan 99, NBK is an Unreal only clan that is one of the last surviving "old school" clans. We are the original NBK that competed very highly in UT99 CTF's hayday. You may have also seen our tag on "MTV's True Life: I'm a Gamer" where {NBK}cpense lost a close match to Fatal1ty in the 2003 winter CPL.

              In 2002, NBK basically merged with what was left of 101 Proof -XxX-(old school TDM clan) to form NBK's TDM division. We plan to be highly competitive and very active in UT3 CTF and TDM.

              NBK may possibly be recruiting a couple of TDM/CTF players for UT3. We have very strict recruiting policies and are looking for highly skilled players. However, attitude and sportsmanship must be at the upmost.

              Visit us in irc at #nbk and chat with an admin or visit our recruitment forum: for more info or if you'd like to apply.


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                Also, this thread here lists some of the best clans around, as well.


                Hmm. Looks like you posted in the thread, so you must have seen it.


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                  UT 99 Insta CTF Clan. I've been in it for about 2-3 years now. Good bunch of people who mostly play to have fun. Sometimes, we can get competitive and hang with some of the better clans out there. But people come and go with different games so we loose alot of good people.

                  Anyway, we'll be hosting a few UT3 servers and welcome anyone to come play on them once they're up. And we're always up for ladder's, scrims, w/e to keep the game fun!


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                    {dFb} - Don't @%$#ing Blink

                    The beginning for us was UT99 we play Insta, Sniper, Binslayer, just about anything as long as it's fun. We have started to put together a UT3 team and are looking forward to just as many years with UT3 as we had with 99. We pretty much skipped over UT2004, It never really found a home with us.

                    Currently have 2 beta servers going. Located in USA: Ohio

                    We also rent game servers should anyone need some good hosting


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                      //. - Edge Gaming

                      Edge Gaming [//.] is recruiting skilled players for TDM. We need a few more players to fill up our ut3 division and play in TGL,TWL,and CAL. Team Edge is a professional gaming team that is currently dominating Battlefield 2142 and Call of Duty 4. You can contact the UT3 division at....

                      IRC: #team.edge
                      xfire: r4pid19
                      or pm me!

                      Please contact me asap as we need players to start off the seasons!


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                        Originally posted by MattMan View Post
                        {dFb} - Don't @%$#ing Blink

                        The beginning for us was UT99 we play Insta, Sniper, Binslayer, just about anything as long as it's fun. We have started to put together a UT3 team and are looking forward to just as many years with UT3 as we had with 99. We pretty much skipped over UT2004, It never really found a home with us.

                        Currently have 2 beta servers going. Located in USA: Ohio

                        We also rent game servers should anyone need some good hosting
                        LOL... clicked your link and got:

                        ATTENTION: You have attempted to block the filter system on this site. You have been blocked. Ban expires: Permanent.


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                          Originally posted by LeaderX View Post
                          LOL... clicked your link and got:

                          ATTENTION: You have attempted to block the filter system on this site. You have been blocked. Ban expires: Permanent.
                          It should have also showed your ip there if you give me that I can fix the issue. We use NukeSentinel to help prevent morons from hacking our site. Sometimes it gets picky. I'm gussing there is no country associated with your IP in our database so NukeSentinel is blocking you.


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                            From Country: All or whatever you want
                            Game: UT3 ofcourse
                            press Show and there you the first 25 clans it came up with. you can search on country's and whether they are recruiting or not to specify your search.


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                              .:vVv:. - Venimus Vidimus Vicimus

                              "We came, We saw, We conquered"


                              Clan .:vVv:. Turns 5-years-old on February 18th, 2008!

                              I once read somewhere that the average online gaming clan has a “life expectancy” of less than a few months.

                              In a time when clans seem to come and go, we’ve “beaten the odds” to not only grow, but prosper as a clan and community!

                              Our History:

                              .:vVv:. Was originally conceived in November of 2002 from members of the old AXP forum.

                              The founding idea was to provide a fun place for people of all skill levels to enjoy the game. A place where disrespect of others would not be tolerated, and where you could “just play” and enjoy the game.

                              The original group disbanded in January of 2003, and the clan seemed doomed to go the way of so many other clans in the online gaming world.

                              BUT…two members remained to keep our founding idea alive. With no server and only the most basic of forums, these two members stayed true to our "Mission Statement" to provide a fun and respectful place for all to play.

                              Those two members are Fluffy and Zonâ.

                              Together with Tranquility (now known as Nikki), these three founding members gave life to the clan again, and like the phoenix from the ashes, .:vVv:. was re-born!

                              Our “coming out” announcement to the online community was posted in the Epic Unreal Tournament forums.

                              Those familiar with the clan will see it’s quite a change from that post and what a difference four years have made!

                              Consider these changes:

                              CLAN MEMBERS

                              Feb. 2003 3 Clan Members

                              Feb. 2004 34 Clan Members!

                              Feb. 2005 55 Clan Members!

                              Feb. 2006 68 Clan Members!

                              Feb. 2007 83 Clan Members!

                              FORUM MEMBERS

                              Feb. 2003 7 Forum Members

                              Feb. 2004 320 Forum Members!

                              Feb. 2005 781 Forum Members!

                              Feb 2006 198 Forum Members (on new forum)! Old forum hit 1006 members before we shut it down!

                              Feb 2007 155 Members (we were the target of a major hacking and has to start from scratch.)


                              Feb. 2003 1 Server

                              Feb. 2004 5 Servers!

                              Feb. 2005 9 Servers!

                              Feb 2006 7 Servers (U.S. & Euro)!

                              Feb. 2007 6 Servers (U.S & Euro)!

                              These are but a few of the changes we’ve had over the past year.

                              Other Proud Clan milestones the past year include;

                              We included another gametype to our clan, Counter-Strike source, in 2006. Many of our members play both UT2004 & CSs.

                              We’re happy to say our South African team is growing and has become quite respected in their corner of the globe. (NJ Guys & Girls!)

                              We continue to be involved in online gaming competition, most notably the TWL ladders and Leagues.

                              Our UT2004 TAM teams continued to climb the ladders and held 4th place in the competition.

                              Our Counterstrike teams are equally gifted, with the 2 vs. 2 team at 12th & the 3 vs. 3 pistol team is at 17th in competition.

                              With the release of UT3 (previously known as UT2007) we can expect even more excitement in the coming year!

                              And above all else, After four years we’re still known as a place you can “just play” without the text / voice foolishness you find on lots of other servers.

                              All players on our servers are treated with the same respect & good sportsmanship, regardless of experience or skill level!

                              In all it’s been a most excellent year and with more great times ahead of us, we can’t wait to see what the future brings!

                              A BIG “THANK YOU” to our clan members, forum members and server regulars…we couldn’t have done it without you!

                              If we sound like a place you might be interested in playing, please join our forum and play on our servers!

                              Web page:

                              NEW Friendly Forum: