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    Well, }GDI{, has been dormant for several years now and I suppose it's time to wake her up. We were a good sized clan during the 99 years and we had a lot of fun. If you're interested get me at Thanks!!


      Sixth sence(-sXs-): warfare team clan site in my signature :P


        How many of the mentioned clans are still around?




            Noxious (nOx)
            Primarily igCTF but we are also on the FN ladders for TDM/TAM and weps CTF.
            We have only been around as a clan for a few months but most of us have been playing together for awhile and decided to start our own clan. I would post up the info to the servers that we usually play on but those will be changing by the end of the month due to us bringing our own dedicated box on line.


              ut3 clans...

              Clan Name: UTF (Unreal Tournament Force)

              Clan Website:

              Gametypes: VCTF (for the most part)

              We seem to be predominantly on the PC for UT3, but our members play on all systems and many games.

              i am not our spokesperson. and as (non) such, i am obligated to at least mention the following, because for some reason, they are all in my bookmarks

              The Pub gaming clan

              that's all ive got at the moment...
              good day.

              hey and these guys:
              Gods Of Warfare

              have a nice day...




                gametype: vCTF mainly

                Servers' details in my sig... for more information visit our website.


                  Since none of the other noobs have replied so far... There's us


                    As some one already mentioned before there was a thread that was started for people to state their clans and teams.

                    The link is here:

                    Good to see others are doing the same. There are more in the link above.

                    Also FraggedNation has a few teams competing in ladders. Any ladder missing can easily be started, just let us know. We are here for everyone from Ut3 to the other Unreal games and more.

                    I have wanted to start a sniper ladder and others, just need to find those players that play those game types and I will throw them up.

                    Also we have an IRC channel for UT3 (see my signature link) ads well as a Live Stream Channel to watch live matches from time to time or recorded matches.


                      Old & New World Community:



                        Clan Name: Tribe of Judah (


                        Gametypes: DM, TDM, BTA & BFA. Soon to feature Jailbreak.

                        Tribe of Judah was founded in May 1999 for Christian gamers to gather and enjoy the fellowship of other Christian gamers. ToJ expanded from a Starcraft clan to a gaming group supporting several popular online multiplayer games. The majority of our active members are in the U.S. and Canada, but we also have members in Mexico and Europe.

                        If you're a Christian gamer with a good attitude and a fan of UT3 (or any other game), please stop by our website ( ) and apply to join Tribe of Judah. Our site features our charter, a link to our forums, and a list of our currently active chapters. Membership applications are usually processed in 24-48 hours.

                        Thank you for your time, and God bless!


                          Sixth Sence (-sXs-)
                          mode: warfare
                          irc: #sxs.gaming
                          The web site is in my edit :P


                            crosis - Reaper - Dismal - markz - mTony - Gatts - Chrono - Vassago - Minimaul - Lithium - Redbaron - Cham - Elee - Re
                            Isn't Reaper a bot? :/


                              Players can use bot names as well, or am I wrong?



                                Originally posted by Nightmare85 View Post
                                Players can use bot names as well, or am I wrong?

                                So, on the PC version, UT3 has it's own account creation for its players? That would explain it.

                                On the Playstation Network, all ids must be unique. Those ids are used for ALL games on the PS3. So, this means that the chances of seeing a real person called Reaper (let alone a name without numbers in it) is slim to none.