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UT3 UK Launch Party Invite

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    Press passes + the first 200 peeps from the street, unless its changed.


      The Official Uk Release of Unreal 2007

      Hello all. I am new to the forum so let me detail a few brief things.

      Name: James Aka FallenOne (FallenOne is my Gamertag and also my Cyber Guide tag at Omega Sektor)
      Age: 24
      Favourite Games: Call Of Duty 2 and 4, World of Warcraft, Serious Sam, Command and Conquer (All Of Them), Tom Clancy's Advanced Warfighter, Halo 1 and 2 (I wasn't Impressed with Halo 3) and many others.

      Ok on to the meat of the post.

      The reason I am posting this is that I would like to give you all some information about the official UK release of Unreal 3 or Unreal 2007 as some people call it. I work at Omega Sektor, and we are incredibly proud to be hosting the launch party for this game at our venue. The information I have been given is this:

      Internet Cafe: - opens at 08:30 and the main gaming areas of Omega Sektor open at 09:30.
      Between 09:30:00 - 10:59:59 the final preparations will be made for the start of the event.
      11:00:00 - The official start of the launch party.
      11:00:00 - 13:45: - Customers arriving and signing up for the tournament.

      14:00:00 - 23:00 ish - TOURNAMENT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Basically the way it works is this. The doors will open at 09:30 to customers, and people will at some point be able to sign up for the tournament. We have not been informed as to whether tournament registration starts when we open or at 11, so try to get there early. The first 200 peope to sign up for the tournament will get a place in it, with Midway handing out supposedly fabulous prizes to the winners. As for the tournament structure itself and what prizes are available, this information is being held onto quite tightly by Midway, and as such us lowly cyber guides have not been given the details. I will be working tomorrow from 15:15 so I wont be able to participate in the tournament myself, however I plan on getting there very early to avoid the crowds then starting work later. I am a man about 5"11 with very short brown hair, a beard, glasses and a silver chain around my neck, so if anyone recognises me from this post feel free to say hi.

      Please note that the upstairs areas of Omega Sektor have been rented by Midway and as such are only open to people with VIP passes and press passes.

      Well guys and girls I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.




        Lets have the downlow then guys


          the event has finished, Recoil won

          sounds like it was alot of fun, really impressed by Midways initiative to do something like this


            European UT3 Launch Party

            Hi all,

            Went to the launch party last nite with my bud Bagpus$, had an excelent time. Got home and meant to post but fell asleep.

            Got in downstairs, played the demo for a while, then went upstairs (behind Mark Rein, who was wearing the same T-shirt from the san francisco launch. That must of been a long shift Mark . . ) to play the FULL version !

            We didnt do too well in the tournament (some excellent players. Hats off to Recoil, Spike and VYD !), but that wasnt the reason for the visit.

            For All :

            We played loads of maps, `Torlan` is now a warfare map. Feels nice to play, nice changes to the map and in the right places. Theres even a stream running throught the middle of the map. Gameplay (with the `Orb`) was a little different, but doesnt remove from ut2004 gameplay. All in all its Onslaught with an Orb.

            Deck 16 *** 17 in UT2004 is now simply named `Deck`, its definately UT99 again with souped up graphics. The layout hasnt changed, but it looks completely different with the new textures.

            Played `Sandstorm` a new VCTF map. Excellent use of volumetric fog (Wow!), this map has most of the necris vehicles including the walker.

            The Walker : Definately NOT a spam vehicle, slow, pondering, short lifespan. Excellent as a defensive vehicle. Brilliant for wide gameplay.

            The Scavenger : First impressions, wow. Fun to play, and the roll manouver is cracking, albeit you cant turn whilst in the mode.

            The Viper : Seems to be the Necris equivalent to the Manta, but the Manta seems better in comparison.

            The Fury : Equivalent to the Raptor, has the walkers primary weapon as its own. Again i prefer the Raptor.

            The Nemesis : a bit poo.

            Didnt find the Leviathan, its in there but we didnt play every map.

            All in all, we both had a brilliant nite. Pity the girls shorts wernt shorter

            The event must of been filled with fat Bas****s, no food left and no L T-shirts available.

            By the way, Omega Sektor was a great venue (Pity we had to drive 100 miles to get there!).

            If you have any questions about the game ..............

            Tough !!
            Wait until it comes out.

            San Francisco Link :


              Can u tell us if u were able to zoom backward or forward the vehicle with the mouse wheel ?




                So where are the pictures and videos from this event? I read there were quite a few media crews there.


                  Quadv will be putting stuff up soon


                    Wish there was some thing like that in the US !!!