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What's the hold up on the 8800GT?

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    8800GT's are readily available in england, with next day delivery, I grabbed mine of today, should arrive tomorrow as its been 'shipped'


      Thanks for the responses guys. Funny thing is they weren't on Newegg all morning and early afternoon yesterday. By the time I got home from work they were all there on the site and in stock. Just as I was ordering the XFX version my GF asked for my assistance which held me up about a half hour. By the time I got back to my PC I saw that Newegg took it out of my cart since they sold out. I went back to the PowerSearch page and pulled up all the 8800GT's. PNY-sold out, XFX-sold out, EVGA-sold out. They only two that remained were the Asus and the MSI. I quickly put in my order for the Asus. By the time I was done the MSI was sold out and 20 minutes later so was the Asus. So I got lucky.

      But don't worry guys. I'm sure they will get the BFG, FoxConn, LeadTek, and other versions shortly since their 8800GT's weren't in Newegg's line up yesterday.


        I ordered mine from NCIX yesterday. Still awaiting shipping though. Got the eVGA super clocked version. Hopefully it will play the **** out of UT3. I will let you guys know how it performs, when I get it. Perfect timing for the UT3 release!


          Originally posted by Octavean View Post
          I bought the same eVGA 8800GT 512 superclocked card from Newegg but it came to about~$286 with shipping and my card already shipped. It should arrive on Nov 1 st.

          I also came across this eVGA 8800GT this morning at for $229.99:

          Its standard spec but overclockable and the price is quite reasonable. Its in stock!!!
          I wonder why your gpu was $20 bucks cheaper than mine and it is the same card and from the same place. Did you get it for $279 plus tax? Maybe you don't have to pay tax where you live?

          Anyway that link to Fry's is already dead and yeah that is an amazing price but you know what ... my card was basically free so I am not upset about that in the least.

          What is good is that other people were able to get their 8800 GT as well. We are the new movement folks ... Mine is actually supposed to reach me tomorrow. I'll let you know how it performs relative to my former GTS 320 asap.


            Originally posted by Nacher View Post
            Just be glad you didn't waste your money on dual GF 8600. Those suck.

            I told my dad to get an 8800 gtx but no, he wanted to save $200 just so he could buy other **** we didn't need.


              Originally posted by unhappy_meal View Post
              What is the length of this card? At 11" the 8800GTX doesn't fit in many non-full tower cases.......
              For what I remember from the reading I've done, the GT is 9", or anyways about the same as the GTS(shorter than that fastest ATI GPU out atm, and thinner of course cuze of being single-slot and it has a 105-110 TDP rating compared to 160+ for the 88 GTX or such).


                For any interested, Gainward are releasing a 512MB 8800GT but the one on their site isn't a Golden Sample. I imagine that those will appear shortly.