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On which operating system do you plan to play UT3?

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    but the only thing because i play on vista its because directx 10 i see a nice difference ... but not to big just a small difference but i like it ....

    maybe ms going to exit a version for xp ....

    but i like windows vista for the graphics deskstop ... etc... but not a prerequirement


      Originally posted by NakhtiUT3 View Post
      Wrong! I don't get this misconception that is going around but Vista doesn't suck ... it is still a young OS and it is doing very well for such a new OS. Drivers are getting better all the time ... as seen by the 169 beta ... that thing really added performance to my gaming.
      it added it to xp too

      Originally posted by Arnout View Post
      I plan to run it on Commodore 64.
      pff screw you i plan to run it on 2 commadores 64's in CROSSLI using the operating system PUDDING!, MAXIMUM GAME!


        Originally posted by DHJudas
        So have you talked to your tv card manufacturer for most recent drivers? Do they even provide any?
        No, I just ignored Vista. See below
        The keyboard is what brand? Do they provide recent drivers for it, are they even providing support for vista yet either?
        Nvidia still has a bad rep with vista, mind you it's getting better...
        I have proper drivers, but for whatever reason the keyboard doesn't output the keycodes correctly. The card is not powerful enough for Vista, it seems. So, in my case, working and gaming on Vista is not going to happen soon.

        In all the cases, It's not the OS making this hardware misbehave, it's the driver support, drivers are the driving force, it's the translation from software to hardware and back again.... if there is so much of a single hitch in the drivers, your system is toast...
        Sure, it takes time to mature Vista drivers. I understand that. If a guy has a powerful gaming rig with not too much hardware attached, Vista is decent, good or very good ...

        Vista's able to handle memory read/write errors alot better, while still affected by it, it can usually manage through it quite well. Likely to experience a number of crashes so long as the memory isn't taking a complete dump.

        Windows xp, while would likely crash on startup with a few file corruption messages or similare... or you MAY make it into windows, but only for a short time...
        Linky? I'm not arguing with you here, I'm really interested. That memory verification tool runs on startup, or is it something more, like for instance disk cache protected with checksum?

        No it's not vista that's not good enough for them, it's companies trying to make the biggest buck, but dropping the lvl of quality. In order to compete with the other manufacturers, if not beat them, they all have to cut corners somewhere.. this is why even the higherend models from these companies have a tendancy to litterly suck balls. When you pop open one of the leading prebuilt manufacturers computers and see serial numbers litterly scraped off the components inside, labeled pioneer or sony or toshiba or whatever, but erased enough that you couldn't talk to them specifically, you KNOW, at least you should know, that your dealing with utter garbage. Most people don't know it, but a number of the devices they've got sitting in thier prebuilts are models that didn't pass that manufacturers OWN quality controls, so the prebuilt companies will call em up, make them an offer... buy out for example, a product seen on retail shelves for 100 bucks, for probably 10 bucks a pop in shipment of thousands. (one of the ways to cut corners)...
        I see

        Remember when xp launched, most of us were all running 500mhz-750mhz P3s and Athlon Slot As, with average of 128mb-256mb of ram. AND a 6gb hardrive to possible 20gb average.
        Now people are demanding vista to run on machines similare in age, and while as long as it's not a prebuilt with modified components, i can, and HAVE installed vista on machines THAT old, even running Aero interface, with zero hitches, and actually runs just as fast as xp (so long as you meet the minimum video card and other supported components)...
        That's not really the problem. With know how, you can strip that thing down. But Vista success on such hardware can't hide the fact that most complains are related with Athlon XP and P4 with 512 to 1GB RAM. It's "ludicruous" (almost "holy ****" ) that a lot of these machines don't run Vista properly. Vista is an OS, not an application!

        The debate over vista is fruitless, reguardless of how good MS does things, there will always be issues, and the issues ms has run into with vista is actually quite far and few between reguardless of all the bull**** posted on all the news sites... nothing but FUDD
        Oh, I agree here There will always be bias, FUD and trolling. But people have the right to complain after they _bought_ Vista as with any other product if it doesn't meet their expectations, it has to do with consumer rights.


          Very interesting conversation going on with these long posts. I use XP 32-bit. I can't stand Vista cause I just don't like the new explorer at all and even with how idiot proof it is I can't seem to change much of it. Also, I think it's almost kind of patronising to the people that used previous versions of windows.

          Think about it. You used to have to know quite a bit to use DOS/3.1. Then I remember Windows 95 and how raw that was. Windows 98 was like that too even. XP is the last fully customisable operating system in my opinion. But whatever, i'm just hell-bent on hating Vista.


            I voted for Vista 64 since to my knowledge the game won't support Linux out of the box.

            However, the day the Linux patch arrives my Vista install will be history. Not sure yet what I'll be using the space for, but it shouldn't be difficult to find something. How about a couple GB of UT3 mods? :P


              Vista is VERY customizable.. you can go all out in vista.... the thing is, most of the controls have changed significantly... you gotta use all the advanced options to manipulate things..

              I've experienced a few keyboards that sometimes just don't work on various machines, and REFUSE to work under vista.... if they don't follow standards.. they aren't going to work.

              bloody irritating...

              but i know, for a fact, a P3 running 833mhz, with a ati radeon 9500 128mb video card and 512mb of ram... you can even force aero glass on.. and it'll still run smooth as silk


                Originally posted by ixiWildflowerix
                However, the day the Linux patch arrives my Vista install will be history. Not sure yet what I'll be using the space for, but it shouldn't be difficult to find something. How about a couple GB of UT3 mods? :P
                And you will be fine.

                One would assume that NVidia is worse on Vista but dominates Linux and OpenGL. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. Seeing this on a different perspective, it's usual to say that ATI is or was inferior on OpenGL and is better on Vista than NVidia.
                But then someone says otherwise, etc... We could start an endless troll session as usual

                I though I knew enough about gfx cards and how they behave on each OS. So this one was really unexpected:
                ATI HD2900XT Catalyst 7.10:

                On this recent game, ATI is 20% faster on Linux than on Vista


                  it REALLY depends on a number of factors, overall, usually ati is the driver runner for vista.... and nvidia for linux... and xp...

                  imo, i think the HD2900 series however is a bit of a flop.... it's got alot of hardware related issues to sort out....


                    vista is for suckers imo.


                      hey man, ur saying taht...

                      i can tell you, within 5 years, your going to either be a "sucker", or left in the dark.


                        I have vista, but the only differences ive noticed are aesthetic.

                        Having said that, I see no real problems with it. Except perhaps that its way to paranoid.


                          lol, i agree patarak. also, as i have said MNAY times, people who hate vista and bag it are only bagging themselves: soon enough they will be FORCED to move to vista due to lack of xp supported software/hardware. sory vista haters


                            just fo the record, my main machine will be my mac but i will also be using xp


                              XP 32Bit for me. Ain't got the 64Bit, and Vista is not an option.


                                Originally posted by sourshishke View Post
                                vista is for suckers imo.
                                that's ok... keeps the fools behind