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    man i cant find bench marks on the XFX 8600GTS


      im also upgrading probly afther christmas but im keeping my old 7900gtx 512mb until the next generation. Im also keeping xp because so many ppl seem to have problem whit vista and I dont care to wait because when I get vista it have alot of patch and will be way more stable.


        CPU speed is fine, I think the 8600 is underpowered for the CPU capability. but should run fine. Swap CPU speed for a better vidcard, IE 3800 duo and 8800 gt.


          I say your fine, but for max graphics that arnt in the beta i would go alittle higher in ram and video card, but i run the best maxed on textures /without anti aliasing at 30-50 fps.


            SO my final decisions are EVGA Geforce 8800GT 512MB Superclocked 675/1900 i can buy it in 2 days

            im goin with AMD Athlon 6400+ 3.2GHZ Black Edition (Dual Core)

            i got a 55 pounds motherboard which is SLI ready so i can throw in another Geforce card.

            i got 2gb of ram , the board has 4 mem slots so i can add more for future

            please all tell me what you think




                price? Otherwise the parts are solid.



                  £394.40 which i think is pretty good

                  card is 512mb

                  vry nice

                  so still good??

                  and it all can run on a 600w psu?


                    I'm sry I'm very tired right now and can just say the the 512 8800 GT is now out for $250-300 US money, performance very close to the GTX for about 1/2 the price(or price somewhat between a 8600 and the 8800GTS). The 8800 GT is the way to go for a videocard(uses about 10 watts or so less than a normal GTS). As for CPU, if you do have the cash, I am thinking of the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4 Ghz(or for about the same price I think, the 3 ghz Dual-Core, but this was a few weeks ago so prices have come down). Anyways, @ least wait a few weeks for the new 640 MB 8800 GTS and the 256MB 8800 GT to come out(and possibly a new CPU, or @ least CPU's might still lower in price a bit).