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    I've got a Samsung 225bw (scored it for $216 from sams club) and it runs very well with games. It's my wife's monitor unfortunately for me. I personally run a pro series 19" Viewsonic CRT, I got it before LCD's became good for gaming. Though I like it I wish I had that Samsung to game with. I've also had a 17" viewsonic (4:3), some cheap thing and it actually ran very well also. Very easy on the eyes. So, if you're gonna go cheap I'd recommend a viewsonic. Otherwise, Samsung is a good choice. There's probably better LCD's out there, but you're gonna pay for it more often than not. At $269 after the rebate the 226bw is a good deal.


      Originally posted by KriLL3.8™ View Post
      Sorry to burst your bubble but Samsung have 22'' panels with better specs.
      How do you figure that when they don't have as high of a contrast ratio?


        Originally posted by KriLL3.8™ View Post
        Sorry to burst your bubble but Samsung have 22'' panels with better specs.
        Wrong. Next.


          I bought this one

          Right before they released tis one at a price cut..

          Theres also a 20$ mail in rebate.......
          for the 3rd one(mightr apply to first and second, compare models for bestbuy and newegg)

          Get the one for 219$.(the 2nd or 3rd one) ITs the best you can do for a 19 inch and the money. ALso, buy from a store, its cheaper and you have 14 days to return for all your money back.(at least at bestbuy)

          Anythign advertised 2ms is actually gtg(grey to grey). Its essentially 5 ms BTW (black to white). Thats the best out that I know of. Get it, you wont be sorry.

          I was a bit ****** that I waited that long to get an lcd, only to have samsung role out a superior one for the same price i paid. But whatever, gaming is on my back burner now, so Im sure Ill get something else later down the line.

          One thing about going from CRT to LCD......I have deskspace now. I can push back my monitor and actually do some work.....

          ALSO, LG has great monitors. They are really an 'up and coming' company, that is starting to become a popular brand.


            Originally posted by isp_of_doom View Post
            lucky ******.

            anyone been able to get samsung to exchange their C types for S types?
            Samsung does not consider it a valid reason for exchange (at least thats what they told me). Samsung is also no longer printing the panel ID on the Model line and has removed the information from the service menu due to all the lottery controversy. One of my 226BW is like this. Newer 226BW LCD's will need to be cracked open for valid identification.


              Thanks for all the information guys, I definitely learned quite a bit more about lcd monitors for gaming and these type of monitors in general.. I wanted to know if anyone could find one of these good ones for me with an hdmi port possibly? Im having trouble finding a good one with it now.. Oh also.. if it happens to be around $300 it's allright.. still post it. Thanks so much!!!


                You can get HDMI to DVI converters, it's just an adapter, but I don't know how well they work. I assume you're wanting to hook a DVD player or console up to it?


                  Hope this link works, but it looks like you're pretty limited on HDMI.....



                    HDMI is essentially DVI + Audio, spitting of the audio to it's own connector and the video to DVI works flawlessly, as long as it doesn't have DRM enabled.


                      Originally posted by Silverado-CoA View Post
                      samsung 226bw awsomeness
                      i was an lcd doubter too but this thing is awsome
                      Ditto here. I have a Samsung 226BW and it's sweet. I also have a Dell 19" something-or-other, and it's nice too.

                      Just buy a reputable brand and you'll be very pleased. I haven't had a CRT in 5 years, and I don't intend to ever again. I've never had ghosting problems, either.

                      Just be a little cautious about the dead pixel thing. Newegg has a really ridiculous policy that says you can return a monitor unless it has 8 dead pixels or something. That's insane. Either buy it from a place that doesn't have such absurd restrictions or buy a monitor with a warranty like Samsung's.


                        Guys, forget the brand loyality and look at the actual specs of the panels. Most LCD monitors have panels build by LG or Samsung. That means your Benq, Sceptre, Dell, Acer, monitor likely has a panel from one of those two manufacters. I own a 30 Inch Dell, 24 Inch Dell, 20 Inch Dell, 22 Inch Benq, 20 Inch Sceptre, and a 19 Inch Acer. The best monitor for me is the 24 Inch Dell although the 30 Inch is my gaming monitor...

                        While specs are great, you have to take into account subjective items like how much light you have in the room and how old you are because young 20 year old eyes are better generally speaking than 50 year old eyes...

                        Also, the type of panel makes a big diference too.

                        The TN display suffers from limited viewing angles, especially in the vertical direction, and most are unable to display the full 16.7 million colors (24-bit truecolor) available from modern graphics cards. These particular panels, with 6 bits per color channel as opposed to 8, can approach 24-bit color using a dithering method which combines adjacent pixels to simulate the desired shade. Overall, color reproduction and linearity on TN panels is poor.

                        IPS (in-plane switching) was developed by Hitachi in 1996 to improve on the poor viewing angles and color reproduction of TN panels. Most also support true 8-bit color. These improvements came at a loss of response time, which was initially on the order of 50ms. IPS panels were also extremely expensive.

                        IPS has since been superseded by S-IPS (Super-IPS, Hitachi in 1998), which has all the benefits of IPS technology with the addition of improved pixel refresh timing. Though color reproduction approaches that of CRTs, the contrast ratio remains relatively weak. S-IPS technology is widely used in panel sizes of 20" and above. LG and Philips remain one of the main manufacturers of S-IPS based panels.

                        PVA (patterned vertical alignment) and S-PVA (super patterned vertical alignment) are alternative versions of MVA technology offered by Samsung. Developed independently, it offers similar features to MVA, but boasts very high contrast ratios such as 3000:1. Value-oriented PVA panels also use dithering/FRC. S-PVA panels all use true 8-bit color electronics and do not use any color simulation methods. PVA and S-PVA can offer good black depth, wide viewing angles and S-PVA can offer additionally fast response times thanks to modern RTC technologies.

                        My Dell monitors are all S-IPS true 8 bit panels. If you see any monitors for sale displaying 16.2 million colors instead of 16.7 million colors, understand you are dealing with a 6 bit panel...