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    lcd monitors.

    Im looking for a new lcd and never had any experiance with them.. I know you want 2ms for gaming and I found one that has that. But im hearing that most of the resolutions are capped at 60hz.. you guys have any good recommendations for a good gaming lcd monitor 19 to about 21" and not much more than $200?

    I was really liking this one
    but im ****** now to know that even the 2nd highest resolution is capped at 60hz. thanks.

    EDIT: I also liked that one because it has a hdmi port which I was hoping to use with my playstation 3.

    this one looks good but is getting terrible reviews.. hmm im still for some reason thinking crt may be better for gaming..
    although I love the hdmi port for playstation 3.. I dunno helpheh


      lol looks good but have terrible reviews hmmm..... nah i don't think im getting it


        ignore the refresh rate cap on LCD's. It doesn't work like that (dont ask me how it does work but trust me - I have 2 LCD's capped at 60Hz, and they both look smoother than my old CRT which was capped at either 85Hz or 95Hz). Try looking on wikipedia for how they work, I think its basically that LCD is a heated (?) liquid (liquid crystal display - LCD) - and so is steady, not flickering, while crt is flickering on and off.

        The thing to watch out for with LCD's is dead pixels, I've never had them, apart from on cheap toshiba laptop screens I didn't much care for. Try get a Samsung, they have a no dead pixel warranty.

        Other things to look for are the grey to grey response time - this is most accurate for gaming (games aren't often going from black to white). So make sure a manufacturer isn't tricking you and saying 2ms response time, when its white to black.

        Dynamic contrast is important too. I can't explain much about it, but basically the higher the contrast the better. I own a 3000:1, some are advertised at 800:1, avoid them. Try get one with 2000:1, minimum.

        Oh, also make sure it displays 16.7million colours (this equates to 32bit I believe, some LCD's come out aimed at the office-worker market, so they can economise on things like that, and only have 16.2million, or lower)
        that looks like a good one.

        I might have got some facts wrong, but I know the basics there are solid, they've helped me get 2 very good LCD's. One last thing: avoid the Samsung 226BW, to cut a long story short, there are 3 separate models of varying quality... and its a gamble to buy one


          I have a Samsung SyncMaster 205BW which has a 6ms response time and I see no ghosting whatsoever. Ghosting isn't really much of an issue right now. I find the LCD picture to be better since it's easier on my eyes and the image seems more crisp to me although I do recognize the advantages of a CRT since I used to be a big supporter of CRTs. Also, the refresh rate for an LCD doesn't really matter, they are not like CRTs so don't worry about the refresh rate.

          Just keep in mind about the native resolution of the monitor and be sure that your video card can handle it. Lower resolutions on LCDs than the native resolution won't look as crisp. Also, watch out for dead pixels (keep your monitor's dead pixel warranty in mind).


            ive got a 19" lg flattron wide.. is nice.

            no ghosting (5ms), 2000:1 contrast, cant see any 'dead pixels'


              I've been looking at LCDs for almost a year now, and am close to purchasing one. I think I'm pretty knowledgable in terms of advice.

              Samsung seems to be the best choice right now. ( I'd look into that model, except the CW variety, which is just the updated version, which seems to only be available in brick and mortar stores. There's also a new model, with the same technology as the CW, with a different base for people with different taste. (

              I've seen them in person several times (I'm picky as hell), and they seem beautiful.

              Edit: Didn't notice your price range til now. Bumping up to near 300 is pretty much worth it, as you get a size and quality gain. But the lower end 19" ones should be around there. Check out tigerdirect.


                Samsung makes good stuff, though you pay a bit more if you get the really good models, I got a 226BW and 206BW, can recommend both.

                An LCD doesn't flash like a CRT, on a CRT a small "cannon" in the back "shoots" a electron beam onto a phosphor layer, thus making it light up, it does the pixels row by row top to bottom right to left, thus the phosphor lights up for a short time, it's actually black for most of the cycle, but it's fast enough to fool our eyes into thinking it's always on (85Hz+) at lower Hz the eyes aren't quite fooled and send conflicting data to your brain making your eyes hurt and giving you a headache, some are more susceptible than others, I can't enter a shop with rows of 60Hz TVs for example, makes me nauseous.

                A LCD instead has a permanent image, it's refreshed 60 times a second with 60Hz, but it never goes dark in the cycle, thus it doesn't "flash" like a CRT does, if you had a 1Hz LCD it would be a slide show, but it wouldn't flash, a 1Hz CRT would be black most of the time with a quick flash of an image once a second.


                  I have the same, no regrets.


                    samsung 226bw awsomeness
                    i was an lcd doubter too but this thing is awsome


                      If you must get an LCD monitor, understand that there will still be some lag/ghosting with the 2ms units. Also, you want to look at the resolution - VERY IMPORTANT...getting a 22" unit with a 1680x1050 resolution vs. a 20" with the same is pointless in my are just stretching the same size image out over more space and the result is poorer/more pixelated image quality. I would either go for the smallest 1920x1200 unit I could get, or the smallest 1680x1050 unit I could get with 2ms response time, 2000:1 or higher contrast ratio and .25 pixels if you can find them.

                      My personal recommendation would be this one:

                      Newegg has it here for just $229:

                      LG, 20", 2ms, 1680x1050, 3000:1, 75Hz, .258 pixels ....specs don't get any better than this atm. (I have a 20" 5ms unit from LG and if you can deal with LCD lag, then you will be blown away by the pictue quality)

                      Otherwise, for the best performance (if you have the space), get a Sony FW900 off of ebay...(24" CRT):


                        I got a 22'' 1680x1050 and a 20'' 1680x1050 (226BW and 206BW), they don't look in any way different, the 22'' does not look bad at all.


                          I am not saying it looks BAD of course - they are nice units...remember how extremely fussy I am though? ...I couldn't deal with those .28 pixels!!! ...of those two I would use your 20" with the .258 pixels and the 800:1 contrast ratio, but that's just me.


                            3000:1 with dynamic contrast.


                              I've been looking at the L196WTQ-WF .

                              It's a 19" wide flatscreen, with 2ms and 3000:1 contrast for a low price. It's very sleek and LG is a reliable manufacturer.

                              The price is really quite tempting, I'm probably getting this for xmas.

                              Unless you want something bigger with a higher resolution. For me though 19" widescreen is plenty, I don't want to sit 2 meters away from my monitor.