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Official UT3 Weapons and Vehicles Intro from new site update

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    Official UT3 Weapons and Vehicles Intro from new site update

    here they are!

    Unreal Tournament 3 Weapons



    The Longbow Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher, a.k.a. the ‘AVRiL’, gives dismounted infantry a fighting chance in an armored conflict.

    Its solid fuel missile can be ‘dumbfired’ as an unguided rocket, but the AVRiL’s famed kill percentages come from its optical tracking system. The alternate fire zooms and locks on to a vehicle, guiding the missile towards its target at inescapable speeds. The missile’s microdappled control planes use increased surface area to give unprecedented turning radius, guaranteeing delivery of its shaped PolyDiChlorite charge into all but the most nimble vehicles. The AVRiL is notoriously slow to reload, so it should be employed with caution in a pitched battle.

    Note, the Longbow’s targeting laser is standardized for most Axon military equipment, so it can be used in other battlefield applications such as directing spider mines.



    For decades, the Enforcer pistol was the combat sidearm of choice. Veteran soldiers appreciated the lightweight handgun’s power, accuracy, and balance.

    In recent years, the ever-burning desire for greater firepower led to general issue of the AR770 assault rifle. Military procurement officers were drawn to the AR770’s higher cyclic rate and underslung M355 grenade launcher, but seasoned combatants missed the dependability of the Enforcer. Axon Research listened to the soldiers, and their new Enforcer MP (“Machine Pistol”) model provides the best of both worlds. Side-fed magazines provide greater capacity, while balancing the shooter’s aim when wielding two pistols.

    With a deadly accurate semi-automatic mode, and a selectable burst fire mode, the Enforcer is back, and the modern battlefield will never be the same.

    Link Gun


    Riordan Dynamic Weapon Systems is best known for their all-purpose combat engineering weapon system, the Advanced Plasma Rifle v24. Its primary mode is a standard rapid-fire plasma weapon.

    But the alternate mode beam also serves a multitude of engineering uses on the battlefield, from repairing friendly vehicles to constructing power Nodes. The beam lens incorporates IFF detection, so that its dynamic energy matrix automatically switches to a deadly plasma stream when contacting an enemy vehicle or soldier.

    Contact with a friendly target switches to a harmless carrier stream, offloading energy from the onboard cells to the target. Close proximity to a friendly Plasma Rifle carrier will ‘link’ the two guns via a harmless carrier stream, boosting the output of both weapons. Hence the nickname, the ‘Link Gun’.

    Rocket Launcher


    Each year, more accidental deaths are caused by the Trident Tri-barrel Rocket Launcher than in vehicular accidents and extreme sports combined.

    The kill radius for its standard dumbfire rocket is surprisingly high by design—so accidentally firing upon a nearby wall, or a nearby enemy soldier, can be quite fatal for the operator. The alternate fire adds to this suicidal lethality by loading and firing up to three rockets at once, in a spread, tight spiral, or lobbed like grenades.

    Regardless of the grim statistics, veteran soldiers still consider the ‘old 8 ball’ the most expedient way to put explosive ordnance on target.



    The Translocator was originally designed by Liandri R&D for rapid rescue of expensive mining equipment during tunnel collapses and related emergencies.

    The technology also saved countless lives, but not without cost; rapid deresolution and reconstitution led to synaptic disruptions, and the debilitating symptoms like Teleportation Related Dementia (TReDs).

    Today, after years of lucrative military development contracts, portable teleportation technology has been declared ‘sufficiently safe’ for regular use by front-line infantry.

    Flak Cannon


    Trident Defensive Technologies continues to tweak and refine the flak cannon with their newly released Mk4 ‘Peacekeeper.’ In spite of its new name, the flak cannon remains banned from most military conflicts for high incidences of maiming and collateral damage.

    Still, the flak cannon is the weapon of choice for unconventional warfare in urban terrain. The cannon lobs an explosive flak shell that detonates on contact, sending shrapnel in a dangerously wide and unpredictable radius.

    The alternative mode actually detonates the shell in the barrel, launching shrapnel forward in a deadly shotgun pattern but often deafening the operator.

    Bio Rifle


    The GES BioRifle processes Tarydium from its stable crystalline form into a reactive mutagenic sludge. It can rapidly disperse these toxins for wide-area coverage, or fire a virulent payload of variable, but usually lethal, capacity.

    In layman’s terms, this means the BioRifle can pepper an area with small globs of biosludge, or launch one noxious glob at the target.

    The BioRifle’s ability to carpet an area with a toxic minefield makes it a notoriously effective defensive weapon.

    Check it on my blog:

    Unreal Tournament 3 Vehicles

    Goliath - (Axon)


    The Goliath-class tank has served the Axon infantry as a front-line offensive weapon for more than two decades.

    Protected by heavy RHA carbon-duranium armor, the Goliath trades speed for endurance and brute force. Four synchronized stabilizers let the turret rotate independently from the chassis, and the built-in targeting scope allows for the tracking of enemies at both medium and long range.

    The Goliath’s main cannon delivers a massive 140mm depleted-uranium round at over 1500 meters per second. An additional gunner seat features a turret-mounted 12.7mm machine gun. Working in tandem, these two weapons provide a strong offense against both enemy infantry and vehicles.

    SPMA - (Axon)


    This self propelled mobile artillery (SPMA) device is infamous for its ability to blanket a large area with devastating fire that falls from the sky above.

    The Axon Hellfire is sufficiently maneuverable to deploy its long range artillery cannon on almost any terrain. A remote camera gives its operator a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield through a targeting reticule that calculates the projected area of impact in real time.

    The vehicle housing also incorporates a defensive shock cannon that deploys floating mines of unstable plasma which can be chain-ignited by the weapon’s secondary fire photon beam.

    Leviathan - (Axon)


    The Leviathan “super vehicle” is the ultimate expression of Axon military firepower.

    This behemoth is the size of a building, supported by 8 wheels, each more than 3 meters in diameter, sitting on a solid frame of unknown composition. Infantry accessible turrets sit along the upper deck of the vehicle, strategically located near each corner to ensure maximum protection capability and shield coverage. The Leviathan’s massive girth is required to support the true centerpiece of Axon weaponry: the backbone of the vehicle deploys outward and upward to expose an orbital-grade ion cannon. Powered by two quantum-fusion impulse reactors, the cannon’s beam focuses to create a negative singularity at the point of impact, drawing all energy and matter out of the immediate area. This singularity explodes outward with devastating force, the resulting shockwave annihilating everything within its radius.

    There are documented cases of Leviathans single-handedly leveling entire cities; anything less than a full battalion assault against a fully-manned Leviathan is nothing short of suicide.

    Manta - (Axon)


    Thanks to its ultra-lightweight armor and unmatched agility, the Axon IFV Manta has repeatedly proven itself on battlefields across the galaxy.

    The Manta is propelled by two flush-mounted, magnetically impelled fans which can be instantly pitched, allowing the vehicle to leap high into the air, then quickly duck below incoming obstacles or enemy fire.

    Its superior agility is paired with two multi-stage plasma casters that burn hot and reload quickly, making the Manta particularly effective in suppressing enemy infantry.

    Darkwalker - (Necris)


    Mounted on a tripod of nano-fueled tentacles, the Darkwalker stands imposingly tall in the battlefield, intending to strike fear into the hearts of those who oppose the Necris. Few have faced this offensive platform in battle and lived to tell the tale.

    Side mounted particle accelerators combine their firepower into a large sweeping beam that disintegrates anything in its path. Integrated compressor units along the underside of the vehicle release a battle cry that is as destructive as it is intimidating.

    The concussive blast released by the horns impairs the senses and paralyzes anyone caught below the Walker, leaving them vulnerable to fire from the secondary turret or the crushing forces of the crouching Darkwalker itself.

    Fury - (Necris)


    This airborne terror defies all rational explanation.

    Nanoblack turbines seem to discount the laws of physics and ignore gravity, allowing for vertical takeoffs and mid-flight hovering. An array of tentacles mounted on the front of the vehicle pulls the Fury through the air with sudden bursts of speed and unpredictable barrel roll maneuvers.

    Energy can also be funneled through the tentacles, and focused into a plasmid beam that quickly burns away enemy armor.

    Scavenger - (Necris)


    A Necris Scavenger barreling towards –and over—its enemies is a truly fearsome sight.

    The Scavenger’s pilot is enveloped in a sphere of modulated nanoblack that can phase-cycle across the battlefield at great speed, barreling through obstacles and crushing infantry with reckless abandon. Nano-fueled tentacles can be deployed from the central sphere in multiple configurations. When partially deployed, the tentacles spin around the central core in a whirlwind of destructive force, causing even more damage than the sphere alone. When fully deployed, the Scavenger can actually walk on the Tentacles, or use them to leap into the air and climb over any obstacles in its way.

    The Scavenger is always accompanied by a protective drone that is comprised of pure sentient nanoblack. When employed, the drone locks on to a target and instantly begins to deteriorate it at a molecular level, leaving nothing in its wake.

    Nemesis - (Necris)


    The Nemesis is the unholy spawn of a mobile turret and a main battle tank.

    Two segmented hover treads, separated by a glowing nanocore propulsion engine, creep across any terrain in a nearly organic fashion. The centerpiece of the Nemesis is an actuated plasmid turret capable of attacking in any of three transforming configurations. When compacted, the turret locks into a forward facing position and all energy is funneled into the hover treads. This dramatically lowers the overall profile of the vehicle and allows for a great boost in speed. When fully engaged, the turret rises up to great heights, and the plasmid energy of the nanocore can be seen from great distances.

    Such a sight should be taken as a warning, as a Nemesis turret in this state is capable of delivering a rapid fire plasma beam with immense power and devastating accuracY.



    The reliable delivery of dismounted infantry has been a battlefield logistical issue for millennia. Vehicle factories require massive Tarydium stockpiles, and personal translocating devices quickly deplete their energy reserves on large battlefields.

    In response to the need for a unified transport solution, personnel can now be equipped with anti-photon Hoverboards. The harmonic oscillation of three radiating Tarydium-fiber flywheels provides enough thrust to keep riders in their air. Specially designed coil systems draw kinetic energy from the flywheels, powering a series of ducted fans along the underside of the board to generate forward momentum. The Hoverboard’s agile design and attitude-based steering system does have one major drawback: the rider is defenseless, and any damage will usually result in a fall.

    Note that the board does not perform well on low friction surfaces such as water and ice, but a magnetic grapple is provided should the rider wish to tow behind larger vehicles.


      Isit just me, or has the word "nano" been sprinkled about rather too liberally?


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            the word nano is used 7 times... not too bad I think, could've made up some cool sounding new word, maybe spankathon.


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              the word nano is used 7 times...
              We all know it was the radiation from the black iPod Nanos that caused all of this.


                o, epic has change the [img] tag into [shot],
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                  The same text is available in the beta's weapon priority section, though it has all weapons (including the once missing on the site as of yet) and no vehicles, shot doesn't do the same as img does, img displays the image in it's original dimensions, shot resizes it to a certain width keeping the dimensions.


                    What site update?

                    "...but seasoned combatants missed the dependability of the" Enforcer. Axon Research listened to the soldiers, and their new Enforcer MP (“Machine Pistol”) model provides the best of both worlds...."

                    That's a gem. lol

                    I'm not so much as annoyed they used "nano" so many times but it's used in the wrong way. Just not right. And the hoverboard one is a bit meh.
                    The mock scientific descriptions for everything else is sort of fun and believable.


                      Oh man that new Link Gun sound is freaking awesome! I hope they switch to that sound in comercial release.