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Yay Im done!! Can you please tell me if I picked the right things :)

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    i'm sorry uberbone, but you are incorrect. i have the same card he is talking about. minimum psu is a 400W. here is the link to the specs...

    people seem to think you need some ridiculous power supply to run high end stuff. get a good corsair 500w and you're fine.


      1) 600W psu neccesary is bs, im running a intel E6750 + 8800GTS with 430W PSU ... 500W and ur fine for sure

      2) DONT go for the 640MB, except if u play with a REALLY high resolution: click me. 1 fps difference at 1600x1200 .....


        i agree 100%...and LISTEN TO ADi...anyone spending money on the 640mb is wasting their money, there is no noticeble difference until extreme resolutions, and even that difference is a matter of 10 or 12 fps. not a whole hell of a lot for paying the extra bux :-/


          He posted his power supply in another thread, why he insisted on making 6 different threads about this is.......

          Anyway, he's putting down 32A on 2x12V rails (it's like 22A on each rail max), should be fine. My only concern really is the case and cooling. I personally have a full tower case for an older AMD64 machine and it's a PITA to keep it cool here in FL(80+ Deg. F inside all the time) with 6x80mm case fans. I suggested to the OP that if he insists on this case to put high velocity fans (at least 2) and a fan speed control.


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            Too Many Threads and Not Enough Relevance makes Ceil something something...
            go crazy????


              550w supply will do you just fine. I have an overclocked 1.86ghz intel core 2. 8800GTS 640. 2gb Patriot Extreme Memory, And a cheapish case. I spent extra money on a tv tuner, a sweet cpu cooler so there is no risk in over clocking and a tb of hdd space. Only wish I'd bought a mobo that supported SLI so later on I could stick another 8800 in once prices went down. oh well. system looks pretty good. I'd scale down the proc tho cuz thats still extremely expensive.

              also all the people putting down the 640mb should read

              toms has great stuff and looking at the benchmarks the best thing seems to be the GTX (for the price anyway). If I'd had excess money when I built my rig, knowing what I know, I would have gone GTX. Good luck (and btw all new CPU's come with cooler and paste) Good luck getting a GTX into a tiny case, also I'd worry about heat. but oh well. Good luck!