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What is the difference between SATA2 and SATA?

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    Originally posted by KriLL3.8™ View Post
    Yes but you lack the benefit of the added speed.
    Alrighty, good to know.


      Originally posted by Taboen View Post
      You only actually benefit from SATA2 mobo's if you use RAID0. Because the current hd's cant ever get to the speed of 3.0 Gbs (some people write GBs but it's Gbs).
      3.0 Gbs = 0.375 GBs or just 375 MB a second. A normal harddisk goes to about 75/100 MB a second. With 4 or more harddisks in RAID0 setting you benefit from the technology.
      Nevertheless sometimes buying SATA2 is cheaper because SATA isn't nearly being produced as much as SATA. Just try to go for the cheapest solution!
      So basically, this info is wrong when it says 300MB/s ?
      Isn't there going to be a benefit when I transfer files from my internal SATA2 disk to my external eSATA disk, opposed to having an old PATA 133 internal disk ?