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Which is better: 8800 Ultra or SLI?

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    Originally posted by UndeadRoadkill View Post
    If you want to continue to play ut2k4 at all, forget about the nvidia drivers.
    I agree with Valis up there. More info, please. I'm on 163 Forceware drivers and UT2k4 runs just fine for me. Granted I don't have an 8x00, I'm still languishing on a 7600 GT, but still, you said "drivers" and not "cards".


      Originally posted by airjrdn View Post
      I just built a new quad core w/dual GTX's. Personally, I'd go for the single Ultra if that's one of your choices. You can always add a 2nd one later, and not have to deal w/any SLI issues.
      Must be nice ... I am still trying to get my money together to upgrade to one GTX card and am using the Opteron 185 to further extend the life of my Socket 939 MB because there is now way I can afford quad core now and I am not going to get the cheapest quad processor just so I can say I have a quad core. I need something that screams performance as well. I'm waiting to see the true quad offerings from AMD as well.