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Unreal Tournament 3 Bunnytracks!

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    Unreal Tournament 3 Bunnytracks!

    Hello, and thanks for taking interest in UT3 Bunnytracks. Now, I'm going to assume you don't know much, or anything about Bunnytracks, so I'm going to explain it to you!

    What is Bunnytrack?
    Bunnytracks is a mod, or game type for UT99, in which you have a goal to capture the flag, and to capture the flag you would have to complete obstacles and challenges in maps. In the early days of Bunnytracks, a clan called "FEB - Fluffy Evil Bunnies" made Bunnytracks big, and they made several of these maps and people enjoyed them. The FEB clan allowed people to copy their ideas and make their own maps, and contribute to the BT community. At first maps would be called CTF-BT-Name, and so these maps didn’t require any add-ons to play, and BT was very social and people often chatted on these servers because, well, lets face it, some of these maps where hard! People asked for help, people made friends and it opened this big door and this lead to a great big community. And several forums and websites where made.

    Links: - A large forum of mappers, players and other random people who enjoy talking about bunnytracks and developing ideas for UT3 BT. - Several BT vids.

    More to be added...

    Our Aim:
    At, we have had several discussions about the possibility of BT for UT3. A trusted member of the Bt community, a great mapper and contribution, KaPLaN posted about UT3 mapping on the forums, here is an extract from his post:

    UT3 is coming closer each day. I, and obviously alot of others, are waiting for that demo to come out.

    I have been thinking if it is worth to try to take BunnyTrack to UT3. It all depends on how popular the game will be. I am aiming actually for a REAL mod this time. If UT3 will be a popular game we should all together try to develop a mutator and this time aim for that "BT" prefix and not the "CTF-BT" one. I don't have any Uscripting skills, would love to have them but simply never had the time to learn it. So I brainstormed a few lists. Feel free to read it and expres your opinion or ideas about it.

    Taking Bunnytrack to UT3
    Possible Advantages:
    - Newest UTengine and graphics, able to make stunning maps
    - Editor is more stable, makes building less stressful
    - More advanced features, too many to name but you can do so much like traps, movers, triggers, etc etc

    Possible disadvantages:
    - Unknown popularity of the main game (CTF,DM,instagib etc)
    - Demands high-end pc's for optimal graphics (can be tweaked but still)
    - Failure of evolving it, as in people will not leave BT for UT cause it is simplyfied and friendly for all

    A team
    In order for this to go forward, we need a team, as our loyal friend KaPLaN says:

    So the next thing I want to mark is the actual development of the mod and mutators. Ofcourse BunnyTrack requires several mutators to function or make it public-friendly

    - Record times (realtime or gametime)
    - Transculent players, cannot block eachother.
    - Anti-boost, a must for BT imo!
    - Focussing mainly on the BT prefix! Eliminate that CTF-BT !

    For this we actually need to assemble a team, a team that will develop the mutators and mods. There is no such thing as bragging off with the fame, I neither intend to do it.

    We, as a large growing fanbase, need to work together and produce a fun mod, BT! In ut2004 it was not much of a success, but in UT3 - We must all make sure that BT is a success and people enjoy playing it, people enjoy mapping for it and are proud of their work.

    Oh, and something I must say before problems arise:
    I am not taking leadership of BT, I did not think of BT, I didn't invent it or create it. I am just a fan of BT and I love mapping for BT and to be honest, I'm just trying to raise awareness of BT. If you think this is a good or bad idea, let me know! I want to know who this community really is. =) If you want to map for UT3, try making a topic over at and telling the mappers there of your mapping skills and your loyalty to BT and how you want to contribute, oh, and coders are more than welcome!

    Rainwolf, Alto,

    Edit: Do'h! Heres me trying to make a good impression and I post in the wrong section. >.> Sorry mods! xD

    So I see BT is to CTF as Trials is to Assault

    Anyways, good luck in your quest, and i hope you won't get flamed as much as the Trialrunners did.


      Heh, I remember first trying BT maps before UT2003 was released. The first map I ever played took me a couple hours to beat lol. Was really fun I played it with IG and liked the boosting you could do. I also liked CTF-BT-Map.
      I personally think that making it its own tabbed gametype would probably be best for it.. Those that are looking for a CTF server don't have to worry about running into these maps. Those that want BT don't have to go nuts looking for them in the server browser.

      Anyway, best of luck to you


        it would be fun to have it in ut3 i guess


          Oh god, the days in 99, this **** was insane fun.


            Yea that was cool in ut99 and even in ut2k4!

            I was hoping for some in UT3 too

            good news!


              I'm glad for the positive replies! I'm planning on maybe making a website for it, but I might wait a few weeks/months after the release to see if want to do it instead because I'm not really that amazing at web design lol.


                To be honest, I couldn't stand this kind of thing. If I wanted an obstacle filled adventure, I'd rather play a game that was meant for it. UT has guns... and ammo... and **** to shoot it with... catch ma drift?


                  So bunny track is basically trial maps right?

                  There were way to many ****/impossible trial maps out there in 2004, but i did see one or two really amazing/FUN ones. Challenging but really fun to do. I've toyed with the idea of making a really interesting trials map, with loads of different stuff to do - but not one that was too freaking impossible. Im sure i could do a good job with the aesthetics. Might give this bunnytracks thing a try after i've made afew WAR or CTF maps.

                  Thanks for the info.


                    I personally woudn't have a problem with Trial maps, except a lot of them had it where if you mess up, you fall and start at the last checkpoint... (you fail, no cake for you)

                    If it's different, then i'd give BT a try.


                      I applaud your enthusiasm, but kindly refrain from hijacking an existing gametype. Making a custom BT gametype takes all of 5 minutes.


                        BT is different from trail maps. I just started talking with some BT folks about BunnyTrack and it's a very specific type of game play, not just trick jumping.

                        For example, in "vanilla BT" there is no self-boosting with weapons and the instagib rifle is the only method for boosting teammates.


                          Haha I remember some trail maps.

                          Excuse my ignorance, if you had maps done this way already:
                          But simple maps where you have some platforming over lava/bio goop in order to cap the flag would be nice.

                          And a free-for all where people can't kill each other but have to go across the map to get a flag, then return it, and the other players trying to push that person off and get them killed so they can get the flag would be mad-fun.


                            What, mods, I can't have an opinion? Did I not say it nicely enough?

                            My humblest apologies, Mr. alto, but I am not a fan of the "Bunny Tracks" game type. I play UT for a fun frag fest, not to run an obstacle course. I hope you understand my position, and humbly request that you try to avoid letting your mod take over the game. I'd like to see more Instagib Capture the Flag servers than Bunny Tracks, if at all possible.

                            Is that better, ghost mod?


                              I used to play BT in UT99. Way way back

                              It's fun when on Teamspeak or similar and do this with your clanmates/friends.